The answer to the question of why not carry chicken

Keep household is not easy.In order to have a result, the animals need to properly care for, feed, they create the necessary conditions for life.But it is worth remembering that, just like humans, they are not too favorable periods.


hens The hens so valuable?It's very simple: the conditions for their contents do not require anything extraordinary, feeding as usual, but the results from their ability to live a delight.This daily testicles, occasionally meat, and feathers for pillows.But sometimes people who have a similar economy, the question arises: "Why do not bear the chicken?"It seems that nothing has changed, and the animals somehow changed.


The first thing you should pay attention if chicken ceases to bear - their habitat.Ideally the temperature of the enclosure should be above 25 and below 0 degrees Celsius.Only under such conditions the birds thrive.If the chicken in hot weather are on the street, they need to move into the shadows.Also very important is the point that the birds need a place for walking.If chickens are near the house in a rather close the fence, several times a day, they just need to graze.


answer the question of why not carry chicken, as follows: they have fortified enough or just the wrong food.The notion that the chickens as pigs eat everything - wrong.They need both hard and soft food, and even fresh grass and foods rich in calcium.It is important to enrich their food and vitamins A and B12.Also useful chickens eat crushed seashells or crumpled shell of the eggs.You should not be lazy, it is better to give all the birds in the complex, and the problem that the chickens do not carry just never arise.


Another option why not carry chicken: maybe they're just sick.And in a morbid state did not want and did not get even the birds.Elementary can catch chicken beriberi, torture feather mites, etc.If there is a similar situation, better to show the bird to the vet and decide on the issue.


Chickens - ordinary living beings.Therefore, they may also experience stress or fear.Besides chicken fearful, and can scare even the rain.Prevent this, alas, no one can.Here you only need to wait a little longer, if the result does not change.If everything remains as before, it should refer to the vet.


There is another answer to the question of why not carry chicken, maybe they caught Egg Drop Syndrome.Scientists do not know what it can be connected, but the fact remains.Therefore, if the chickens stopped laying eggs, it is better to wait a bit.But if the situation has not changed in a week, again is to seek help from the vet.


Well, probably the easiest answer to the question about why the chicken did not rush: the owner simply not paying attention.Maybe they changed the place where they lay their eggs, and the owner just decided that they do not perform their work.It is necessary to carefully examine their aviary and felt in those places where it was convenient to be carried chickens.Maybe there will show up a whole egg state.