Post - is not just a regular unit, and the main characteristic of the responsibilities of

in a certain position - a kind of response personnel, determines its functional duties and responsibilities.If we consider the staffing in general, then this concept is a more general meaning.

The position held by different profession

receiving education, a student usually intends to continue working in their specialty.However, as labor market conditions often for 5 years is changing.So many former students are not quite going to work on the posts they occupy expected in the first year.But even when a young specialist finds the right place in life, to which he aspired for 5 years, his position will not always conform to the profession.

example, studying at the institute or other institution at the Law School and received a diploma of civil law, the graduate is unlikely to find a similar position with the company in staffing.Most likely, he will be appointed a legal adviser (possibly younger, due to lack of experience).Similarly affairs and other areas.And this happens because of the lack of synchronization between the list of possible professions that can be specified in the certificate, and the posts entered in staffing and set out in the workbook.In fact, this difference is not so schematic.After all, if you follow the logic, and a specialist in civil law, and legal counsel - are one and the same.In simple terms, the profession - this is what people have learned, and the post - that's what it actually does.First it fits in degree, the second - in the work book.

mismatch positions functions performed

Unfortunately, not so rare situation where the staffing company or organization does not allow to enter another one, and the actual need for it there.To act in such a case may be, ensuring its introduction or taking the employee to another position.For example, in the regional office of a large company there is only one unit of the Secretary (at the head).His deputy also needs referent, and one staff member with all duties can not cope.Head office flatly refuses to introduce an additional post of assistant, citing savings in wages.Then the deputy (with the consent of the head) takes the employee to the position, for example, an IT professional, but on the condition that he would serve as secretary.It would seem that there is no difference, because the position - it is not important.The employee is more important level of pay, working hours and functions.But, having worked in this mode for a while, reviewer may want to change jobs.In this situation, it would be quite difficult to prove expertise in records management.After that he worked as a secretary, is known only to him and the immediate supervisor.The workbook his position - is an IT professional.And good referent in the new position may simply refuse (because its leadership is not interested in the loss of an employee).

few tips applicants

Getting a new job or moving within an organization, it is necessary not only interested in the level of payment, mode of operation and working conditions (which is certainly important).It will not hurt to specify exactly how the title of the new position and how it will be recorded in the future in the work book.