Cashier Job Description: its features and rules

Cashier - a fairly common profession that has a lot of varieties.You can try to summarize them and display a single definition of the post.The result is that the cashier - that the worker who in the course of their duties is receiving, storage, and due consideration of the incoming funds.Such a capacious definition fit cashier accountant and cashier commercial enterprise, currency cashier and employee ticket offices.There are many options.

typical pattern instructions

If we consider collectively, the cashier job description, in principle, the same for everyone.Like all documents of this kind, it consists of four independent sections.In the "General Provisions" gives information about the category, education, the conditions of appointment and subordinate employees.Next, list all the knowledge and skills that must necessarily possess a future teller.Then, in the second section "Responsibilities" is a listing of all the tasks that need to perform daily skilled at his workplace.In fact, the cashier receives money and draws them accordingly.If cash received shabby, worn-out bills, the cashier job description requires a specialist to make an inventory of them properly and with it pass the bill to the bank branch.If necessary, the cashier makes the issuance of funds drawn on the basis of documents.The results of all incoming and outgoing transactions must be recorded in the cash book.At the end of the day cash surrender collectors shall be verified and the actual balance.Based on the compiled documents generated cash reporting.Job Description cashier obliges him to be responsible for the safety of existing cash and other securities.The employee agrees not to disclose confidential information about the availability, transfer or transportation of valuables as possible to third parties.Also, he is obliged to promptly report any known circumstances that threaten the safety of funds entrusted to him.In addition, the cashier job description requires him to carry out orders unquestioningly to their immediate supervisor.Usually the head of such a unit is the chief accountant.Sections of "Rights" and "responsibility" are no different from those described in the instructions of employees of other professions in the enterprise.

What should a supervisor Cashier Job Description

cashier looks a little different.In principle, it is - an employee of a bank or commercial enterprise.Such a specialist, in addition to ordinary cash transactions, must possess accounting skills.His responsibilities include the operational account with clients, receiving, storage and proper accounting of securities and funds.He bears full responsibility for entrusted to him values.To do this, the jobs are specially equipped individual safes.His work cashier bank is using computer technology, as well as aids.These include terminals for payments by plastic cards.Often they have to work with the currency and this requires additional knowledge.

cashier at the store

It looks like the store cashier job description.Its functions include settlements with customers for services rendered and goods sold, operational control of the existence and periodic replenishment of the assortment of goods, preparing goods for sale, as well as receiving, counting and delivery of funds in accordance with the law.The amount of duties an employee of such a degree is much broader.Cashier receives money from customers, knocks out a check for the purchase (or service) to the cash register and, if necessary, giving change.Here, the employee has to know well the range of products and services, as well as all its parameters and characteristics.Such professionals have to work not only with goods and cash, but also with technical equipment.He has excellent knowledge and be able to use the device for punching checks and other equipment.This, of course, require additional specialized training.