Why dream of insects?

Someone who likes to observe the life of insects, someone they cause only disgust or fear, while others treat them completely neutral.But how to behave and what to expect if you dream you see these little creatures?We offer together today to understand this, resorting to the help of several interpreters of dreams.

Insects: Dream Book Gustav Miller

If you dream of swarming insects, it is a bad omen, foreboding disease and various afflictions.If you dream you have successfully cracked down on nuisance small creatures, in real life you will find a fast fortune.Although there are other interpretations of this dream is the possibility of a serious illness of someone from your family or relatives.

Insects: Dream Book AZ

dreamed this dream book treats the insects as a sign of impending trouble and worries, which will cause the secret enemies and adversaries.If the insects crawling in sleep, the disappointment will be caused by diseases if fly - money problems.Floating the gnats are predicting the imminent fun and excitement.If you had a bug, sucking blood, expect some problems, which are to blame for the children and their pranks.

dreamed beetles predict unsuccessful completion of a case or a serious illness.Spider symbolizes the need to work hard at work that is sure to be appreciated by your leadership.Caterpillar is a precursor to a meeting with the insincere, hypocritical man.Worms dreamed of predicting success in business or a promising new jobs.Mosquitoes symbolize the need to adopt any proposal related to the work, which will result in a good income for you.

Insects: Dream Book White Mage

If you dream that you circling over a swarm of insects, then in reality, you are paying too much attention to the concerns of small, worldly affairs.Try to concentrate on the really important aspects.If you dream you are trying to hide or run away from pursuing your insects, in real life, avoiding some errands and businesses.So try as much as possible to relieve its work from the routine that you absolutely do not accept.Trying to catch an insect in a dream represents some obviously doomed to failure case.

Insects: Dream Book Future

This source treats dreamed of insects as a harbinger of troubles, illnesses, disappointments and anxieties.But if you dream you successfully get rid of the annoying little creatures you, then you will be able to overcome all obstacles and solve all the problems.

Gypsy Dream Book: insects

If you dream you annoying little insects, that in real life, you are haunted by the constant anxiety and distress.It is recommended to change jobs or residence.

Universal Dream: many insects

large number of these small creatures symbolize the presence in your environment some people who constantly annoy you, irritate you and make nervous.Try to limit contact with them, otherwise you will be in danger of breakdown.