Dreamed paper money: the dream book

Money is always and everywhere desirable.And what to expect if you dreamed of paper money?Predicts whether the dream and the income or profits, by contrast, promises a problem?Let's try to find answers to these questions using information from some of the most complete and popular dream books of our time.

Paper Money: Dream Book Gustav Miller

According to the interpretation of the dream book, if you take someone on loan, in reality, the dream is coming loss and failure of someone to help you.If you dream that someone takes your money, then you are surrounded by loyal friends who are always ready to lend a hand if needed.If you find a bill, then you will find a series of minor troubles and worries, which, however, will be crowned with great success and happiness.Losing money promises troubles at home and problems at work.If you dream that you steal money, in real life, you should be very careful in their actions, because you risk to make a permanent move that will result in bad consequences.If you recalculate a very large amount of money, it is something desired is within your reach, it is only necessary to persevere.If you dream you find a stack of banknotes in foreign currency, but they immediately begins to lay claim to an unknown woman to you, in real life, your well-being and business could be in danger, and it will come from a loved one.Also, such a dream can mean that you are too frivolous spending money that could eventually lead to great financial difficulties.

Paper Money: Dream Book Miss Hasse

If you had a paper dengikupyury, then in reality you are waiting for unforeseen expenditure.Counterfeit money predict loss of property left to you by inheritance.If you dream a lot of bills, then you will find a wealth if recalculate a large sum, you get lucky.If you lose money, your work will be in vain, if given to someone in loans, then you are waiting for the trouble and anxiety.

Paper Money: dream interpretation Vanga

If you dream you find a paper bank notes, it is quite possibly one of the picks of your surroundings towards you something evil.It can be various intrigues, gossip, and even the imposition of spoilage.If you dream that you get the money, the people around you respect and value, seeing in you a kind and generous man who is always ready to come to the rescue.Torn paper money is a bad omen, signifying poverty and hunger.If you dream it, you recalculate the money, in real life, perhaps a very petty man.Try to reconsider their attitude toward money, because the pursuit of profit and wealth, you can lose the most precious - a genuine human communication.If you dream you stretch someone wad of banknotes, the reality for the completion of any case, you may need quite a large sum.

Paper Money: Dream Book Tsvetkova

This source treats the dream as soon getting some very important news.

old French dream book: paper money

dreamed money symbolizes the anger people close to you.This anger will have directly to you.

Ukrainian dream book: paper money

According to the interpretation of the source dreamed of paper money is a good omen, signifying the coming joyous and pleasant event.