Dream Interpretation: hamster.

all know a little noisy animal, whose thrifty, namely the ability to hide the grain for his chubby cheeks, beat in a variety of favorite Soviet cartoons.That's right - we are talking about hamsters.And if life in the first place, he brings a lot of joy and fun moments (and only occasionally - sleepless nights), what can be expected from him in his sleep?Popular downers to help figure it out.

psychoanalytic dream book: hamster - the interpretation

Psychologists and psychoanalysts associate this little animal with all known human vices - greed.If the animal escapes in a dream, and the dreamer tries to catch it, it says that the sleeping man expect unpleasant incident caused by his friends.A dream in which the sleeper gets himself a hamster, it is the craving for easy money.

Common Dream Book: hamster.What happens if he dream?

As always, the overall dream book examines each variant of rodents in a dream, and depending on that provides a unique interpretation of the dream:

  1. If the hamster in a dream is in the cage or just walking around in the field, it means a change in the affairs of the betterside, and soon well-being.
  2. If the dreamer himself becomes a hamster, it will herald the imminent inheritance.
  3. If sleep buys or sells hamsters, his well-being entirely will depend on his decision.
  4. If you dream about a lot of hamsters - in reality, sleep is waiting for communication with the financial officers (employees of banks, warehouses, accounting, etc.).
  5. If you had a hamster, appetizing munching grain - to wealth or profits without sleeping.
  6. runaway hamster, which, despite all efforts, it is impossible to catch - a waste of money the fault of the children or relatives.
  7. Murder hamster foretells the destruction that could make sleep happy, and his hands.

Spring Dream Book: hamster - the interpretation

you ask for help from a man whose biggest weakness - money.This will prevent him to help you.

Summer Dream Book: hamster - the interpretation

Hamster portends sickness of internal organs.And there is nothing concrete.

Autumn Dream Book: hamster - the interpretation

Rodent, dreamed fall, does not bode well.This dream becomes a call for vigilance dreamer, because thieves have close and ready lay in his pockets his wealth.

Dreams Longo: what dreams hamster?

This dream book treats the hamster as a pathological thirst for hoarding sleeping, and this quality is a serious obstacle to live.If the hamster in a dream fills his cheeks reserves, it means sleeping passion to accumulate unnecessary, causing (or has already led) to the cluttering of the home.You can see this dream as a sign from above, talking about the need to stop wasting money and to rethink their priorities.


Most dream-books in opinion about the rodent converge - a good sign.And what it was possible to make only in very rare cases, such dreams are negative.So, seeing the funny chewing muzzle in a dream, do not be afraid.This cute little animal - a sure sign of imminent improvement of life.