Why dream of a boy, according to the dream book?

every night, falling asleep, we provide the world and our subconscious mind the opportunity to "meet" with us, to give us some important information.We are talking about our dreams.But to decipher them is not always so simple.So we come to the aid of downers.Of course, believe it or not - the choice is yours.After all, as some extraneous book can explain what's going on in your life and your thoughts?Especially when you take into consideration the fact that the predictions of the same on a great number of people.However, the dream book in the first place designed for you to account for an existing life situation.He acts as a psychologist book.Therefore familiarize yourself with how to interpret your dreams, will not be superfluous, but do not dwell on the negative forecasts.

But today we look at a specific example explaining visions, namely the answer to a question about what a dream boy.

Most interpretations boils down to the idea that seeing a male child - a positive sign.If you had a little boy, before decoding the vision, let us define the fact whether it is connected directly with your life at the moment.You do not expect a child you do not want to get pregnant?If at this point you really are "in position" and already know that you will be born is a little gentleman, or are you waiting for, it would be he, it is doubtful that your dream is something special.Why dream of a boy in your case?That vision only reflects your thoughts and feelings, your brain simulates a situation that you think.But let's see now, what does it mean if a boy dreams of a girl who in the near future does not expect the children.

young lady can see the dream, if soon it expects good familiarity with the young man or financial gain.What dream boy cheerful, joyful?This picture is perceived as a very good sign - a man awaits prosperity special luck in business and happiness.If you dream that a child play, in particular one who sees this picture, then it will soon come a streak of light in my life, problems will be solved, ideas and initiatives will be fruitful in life come stable prosperity.However, if a child is crying in your vision, worried, shouting, you should review their waste, because it is possible financial hardship.What does it mean if the dream of a boy combative?This vision is seen as a sign of what to expect trouble from friends, whom you may have felt close and trustworthy.But if then you see how punishing a boy, I consider this as a warning - you should be restrained because of feelings you can get into an awkward and unpleasant situation.

also interesting is what dreams of a boy who you are.So you have suddenly become a little kid.Dream book examines this phenomenon from a purely psychological point of view.For a man like a dream is the difficulty in solving the problems and the desire to once again become small for a girl - troubles in the definition of family life, reluctance to address issues relating to marriage.