Dream interpretation: the tornado dream ... What?

Twister - a terrible natural phenomenon, Russian more familiar as a hurricane (which is not quite the same thing).Element uproot centuries-old trees, destroying houses, ships and drowning as the fluff is air machine.Not by chance all the people are afraid of him.Afraid even when a tornado is not reality, but merely a dream.

usually (according to psychologists and physiologists) is a natural phenomenon symbolizes the search for a way out of the difficult situation, the fear of circumstances over which no control or fear of being in the spotlight.Slightly differently interpreted the dream the dream book.Tornado predicts the collapse of all hopes.But if you watch him from the side and see how it crushes everything, dreamer waiting for a positive solution to the problems, fast moving and changing lifestyles.Twister (Dream Miller says about it) could presage that soon the life of the dreamer is someone forcibly changed.In addition, the dream can predict the abundance of material losses, or hard work.

Astrosonnik: tornado

This publication states that any natural phenomenon associated with the wind, will not leave unpunished the dreamer.Rather sleep predicts future changes in life.But there is another explanation.It turns out, it can indicate that the relatives flames and hot like the dreamer, but for some reason are afraid to show their love.

Freudian dream interpretation: tornado

Great Grandfather Freud in the interpretation of sleep did not depart from its tradition and all explained in terms of psychology.He is sure that a tornado hinted that the dreamer's life will soon be similar to this natural phenomenon.He will meet with the people in the world and radically changed the way of life of the dreamer.But if a hurricane had damaged no dreamer, but a stranger, it is - to the dismay of new acquaintances.Surprisingly, this dream Freud mixes no sexual motives.What can be said about the so-called dream book-horoscope.Tornado indicates that the woman he dreams seen in Conversations with Other Women.Soon it becomes known throughout the fall.In addition, a tornado in a dream - the precise foreshadowing universal disdain for the dreamer.

Dreams family: tornado - it's trouble

This is a family dream book claims.This dream warns that lifestyle dreamer poor.However, sometimes a dream is of global importance.Quote Dream Book, "a tornado may not reflect the life of one person, but to symbolize the change of entire eras, which will witness the dreamer."Which eras in question, the publication did not specify.

Dreams Longo

not quite logical, but quite an interesting interpretation of the sleep in which there is a tornado, it gives Longo - master of white magic, created a dream book.Tornado dream of those who remain silent to the requests for help coming from relatives.Tornado mean that the dreamer will soon regret, that did not have this help.Twister can mean very violent and unjust life.But if the dreamer sees himself in this natural phenomenon, it will soon experience the exciting and dizzying passion of love.