How to replace an expired passport?

When the passport is stale and that threatens to delay for a passport?This question is certainly raised by many citizens.We all know that throughout life in our hands will visit three passports.First issued in fourteen and is valid up to 20 years.The second - from 20 to 45 and the third 45 years until his death.Of course, this rule has certain exceptions - for example, at 23, a woman can get married and take a spouse's name.In this case, it will have my passport with a new name, without waiting for 45 years.

first passport receives a teenager in 14 years - for this it is necessary to bring the receipt of payment of 100 rubles for registration form, a couple of photos, liner Russian citizenship and birth certificate.Many people wait until the last moment with the paperwork and come to the passport office are surprised to learn that citizenship is necessary to register separately, it is not assigned automatically to children born on the territory of Russia.To avoid this, you must advance to bring passports of parents in a house management.

passport obtained in 14 years, to be changed in 20 years.If the passport has expired, that is, people are not asked to re-register within 10 days, will have to shell out a tidy sum for the payment of an administrative fine.What is the size of the fine?Expired passport will cost citizens from 1500 to 2500 rubles.Despite the fact that the passport offices are usually prescribed minimum amount of fifteen hundred are tangible punishment.

When changing the passport of 20 years have other documents are needed.It is necessary to bring the old passport, documents, based on which to make notes on its pages: a certificate of dissolution or marriage registration (if any), a piece of paper confirming residence registration, birth certificate of the child / children (and, if available)receipt storublёvoy registration fee and two photos.All of these should be no later than 10 days after the citizen was twenty years old.Overdue passport, which is not replaced within the specified period will be considered invalid.

Another popular reason to change passports - marriage.Of course, there are cases of change of name and the name for other reasons - because of their dissonant or unattractive to the person wearing them.But such cases are rare.Expired passport when changing names - a passport, which is not replaced within ten days after the wedding.But fine with women while they take only if it is not applied for re-registration within a month.Perhaps such concessions associated with the specifics of the moment - many newlyweds leave immediately after registration in the honeymoon vacation and just physically can not carry the paperwork.However, it is wiser to re-register all the documents first and only then with a clear conscience go to rest.

If still unable to meet the specified time, it is necessary to bring to replace an expired passport, two photos, marriage certificate, a receipt with a note on the payment of state fees.If workers did not require passport pay a fine - I think that you have managed to escape easily.

mark next age - 45 years.It was at this age should be changed expired passport.Replacement costs for exactly the same as at 20 - 10 days.And the documents are the same.

Do not forget that if the expired passport, a citizen may face certain difficulties.For example, it can not issue a ticket for a long-distance trip to the railway station or have to postpone the execution of documents to buy an apartment.

passport - the main identification document.Therefore, you must carefully monitor his condition and time to change.