The magical power and food

Hundreds of years ago, healers claimed that by eating certain vegetables and fruits on different days of the week, you can acquire magical powers.Here are the recipes offered magic books of the XVIII century.

1. On Mondays need to maintain emotional equilibrium, thereby avoiding unforeseen conflicts that confront the unavoidable circumstances.This helps consumption of fruit and vegetables in white.Here are the main recipes:
- 100 grams of boiled potatoes with 2 tbsp.dollop of sour cream will avoid sudden mood swings, depression and unreasonable doubts.
- 50g grated white radish with olive oil will enhance premonition profitable business opportunity, get rid of hasty decisions.
- The flesh of apples or pears with 300 g of cottage cheese activates mental performance and reduce fatigue.
A banana with 50 grams of yogurt to avoid conflict, to open new horizons of communication and attract good luck.

2. Use of Tuesdays fruits and vegetables red range will successfully plan and begin long-planned affairs.

- 2-3 tomatoes eaten in any way, contribute to the emergence of promising contacts that will strengthen mutual understanding with business partners and loved ones, and seeds of tomato, put the day in the sun or in a warm place, will help to restore the old features.
- Red peppers (sweet) will emerge victorious in adverse situations, shield them from bad luck.
- 100 g of grapes (or grape juice 1 cup) red apple will preserve wisdom and come to terms with the circumstances.
- Garnet pleasant strengthen business contacts, and the flesh of the apple 100 grams of yogurt eliminates the love obsession.

3. On Wednesdays unacceptable intrusion into your aura of negativity outside, otherwise you will end up being in trouble in the near future.Avoid this will help consumption of fruits and vegetables orange.
- 160 g grated carrots mixed with 2 tbsp.dollop of sour cream, remove stress and 350g grated beets with 1 tbsp.spoon walnuts strengthen creativity, opening the abilities that were previously impossible to implement.
- Orange or tangerine 2 will protect you from the obstinacy of those with whom you associate on Wednesday, and will allow to defend your point of view.
- Persimmon retain emotional balance, energetically nourish you, strengthen your spiritual potential and self-confidence.

4. Use of Thursday fruits and vegetables green sharpen your intuition, it will turn bad luck into being.
- cucumber, mix with 2 tbsp.tablespoons dill or cilantro and season with 2 tbsp.dollop of sour cream - it will help to strengthen the tone of the body, and with business partners to establish a harmonious relationship that will turn benefit and profit.
- 100 grams of boiled cauliflower, dressed with 2 tbsp.dollop of sour cream, will strengthen the wisdom and foresight.
- green apple cut out the middle and fill the space with honey.Bake an apple - eaten that day, it will help your mental purification and spirits striving.
- Juice of two green apples add in the bath, which must be taken from 19.00 to 21.00.This will help to permanently displace negativity out of your mind.

5. If Fridays you eat fruits and vegetables amber and purple, it will harmonize your everyday life and significantly strengthen a loving relationship.
- Eggplant cut lengthwise, remove part of the flesh, and put the grated cheese, combine eggplant halves and simmer until tender.Eaten on Friday, he will help you uncover the creativity and possibilities.
- 50 g chopped red cabbage with the addition of 2-3 basil leaves and seasoned with 3 tbsp.dollop of sour cream, will allow you to see the favorable way to future success, develop from wearing with enemies and outrageous personalities.
- 6 crushed berries dried apricots mixed with 50 g of cottage cheese should be eaten on Friday morning that the pair, whose relations entered a period of cooling.This dish will help rekindle the flame of love anew.The same effect will achieve 3 apricot, eaten with 50 g of cream.

6. Eating Saturday fruits and vegetables black will help protect against the evil eye.- Grate black radish peel and fold it slide on a small plate.In another bowl, pour - so that the bottom was covered salt.Then, on a plate with salt to put a plate of radishes and place them in the center of the room for 10 minutes, while saying: "Evil will go away, filth-out. From now until the century."The same thing happened in other areas of the apartment, and at the end of the ritual, ventilate the apartment.This will help clear the way to the old house and the aura of households from all sorts of evil.
- 15 prunes mixed with 50 grams of sour cream and eat during the day.This dish has the property to protect against the evil eye and witchcraft.
- 50 grams of raisins, mixed with powdered sugar and 100 grams of cottage cheese, eaten on Saturday, promote spiritual purification and deliverance from contamination.

7. Sunday - a day of fruits and vegetables a yellow color.They help to keep the balance of your positive and negative energy, sharpen the feeling when money or luck are in your hands.
- Yellow peppers (sweet), eaten in the evening of that day, contribute to the exacerbation of intuition.And if you add to the pepper 100 g stewed or fried pumpkin plus 2-3 tbsp.grated cheese, you can use intuition to increase their income.
- Guy turnips and 0.5 tsp. Honey will also contribute to the growth of monetary wealth.
- Put a slice of pineapple on a saucer, and it - 1 tsp. Honey (without top) and from 12.00 to 14.00, leave in his room in a prominent place.This kit will help balance the ratio of the energies of yin and yang in your body, eliminate breakdowns in the aura of power.At 14.00 you can eat pineapple.
- 100 grams of melon and 1 tbsp.Spoon sour cream will save you from a bad mood.That you can achieve by using another recipe: Grapefruit, eaten with 50-100 grams of ice cream.Cut the lemon in half
and leave it in the room for the whole day - it will absorb all the negative energy accumulated in the room.

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