How to become a nun

Everyone is looking for comfort and a quiet corner where his heart will be calm and pleasant, but whether there is a place on Earth?Of course, the believer knows about it - this is the temple of God, or rather monastery.It is in this holy place, time stands still, and the most valuable and the present becomes apparent.Here lives the truth.There is something that has existed for thousands of years - it is faith and humility.

Very often a person asks a question that he would never know the answer, why he was here, what his mission on earth?People who have this issue becomes important in life, start thinking about how to go to the monastery, leaving all social life.Before making such a fateful step should honestly answer the question of how much you are willing to do so.

How to go to a monastery, as the person to abandon destructive worldly anxieties to join the light of the true faith and spiritual purity?For a start it is important to imagine all the responsibility for such action, if you're really ready to commit.

we are often in the monasteries, where we enjoy the silence, beautiful lawns, birds singing and well-maintained building.Here are all pleasing to the eye, especially the shower.Outside the monastic life seems calm and to some extent even pleasant, but many do not know about it very little.For example, not everyone knows that a monk in the world - an endless bloodless martyrdom.

difficult to go into a monastery.To do this, you need to have certain human qualities - great patience and humility.It is these qualities people so lacking in everyday life.They reject them, and soon they find a weakness, rather than merit.The monastery is the opposite.Remember, in the monastery features of life here is mostly complete chastity and obedience required.This conscious attitude to life of man, which is expressed in a deep faith in God.Monks - are true martyrs, they are often called earthly angels.

If you do decide and want to change their lives, but do not know how to leave the monastery, we will give you some tips.First of all, go to the church to his confessor and talk about it.He understands you perfectly, and will assist in the selection of the monastery.In addition, the priest will tell you what to be done before so dramatically change their lives.In particular this applies to your obligations and personal relationships, as well as legal issues and documents.

If you already have vending monastery necessarily talk to the abbot or abbess.They will also be able to tell you how to enter a monastery.In addition, your mentor will tell about the monastery and regulations that you will need in the future monastic life.There are some important limitations to be aware of before they go into a monastery.

If you chose the monastery, then on arrival you will be asked to present a passport to verify age.If you are married, it is necessary to have a marriage certificate.As in any institution, you are asked to write an autobiography and a petition for sure that you have taken.It must be written in the name of the abbot.

you will be with the condition of probation for three years.If you are obedient, well-behaved and emotionally stable, then rector of the write idea of ​​your postrizhenii ruling bishop.In this case, you will have a monastic order.

How to leave the convent?The procedure is the same for both the female and for the monastery.You will, if you are not married, you do not have minor children and elderly parents.

Before you take this step, will have to quit smoking and start to pray in the morning and evening.Next, you must get the blessing of your spiritual father.It will help you avoid mistakes.

How to become a nun?Very simple.The complexity is only a matter of moral choice.