Smith: particular profession

Smith - is a specialist who has some knowledge in the production of components and assembly mechanisms.He must have certain personal and professional qualities that will ensure the maximum quality of products made by them.

What knowledge must have an expert?

So now look at what needs to know Smith:

  • terms and conditions of assembly mechanisms, their structure and function;
  • mechanical and chemical properties of the materials with which it works;
  • result of various conditions on the metals (heating, melting, welding, cooling);
  • system tolerances and landings;
  • particular use and sharpening tools;
  • rules committing welded and riveted joints, as well as features to ensure maximum bond strength;
  • method of marking all sorts of parts;
  • use and particularly the application of various solders, fluxes, pastes and stains;
  • functionality of various instruments that can be useful in their work.

What should carry out a professional?What mesh bits exists in this specialist?

Smith does not only assemble the product, but also deals with the size of fitting parts.After their connections into a single structure it must check the quality and strength of the product.If the mechanism is present any defects, the specialist removes them.With regard to the structures, which interact with the mechanic, it's this: machine tools, automobiles, complex and unique machines, industrial equipment.

Smith performs tapping on parts, welding and riveting work, the preparation of various pieces of sheet metal and metal rods.Activity represented by specialist associated with grinders, drilling, milling and other machines.In addition to welding it operates using cold and hot solder, adhesives, as well as some other types of fastening parts.This specialist can also be mounted pipes, unique test stands.In addition, it can perform many other works related to fitting, manufacture and assembly of components into a single mechanism.

With regard to skill level, it depends on where received education specialist, and what practical skills has Smith.Discharges depend on the complexity of the operations that it performs.Qualification of the expert receives the decision of the special commission.Tariff grid comprises 5 bits (from the 2nd to 6th).Each of these requires its list of operations.

What responsibilities vested specialist?

Basically, they consist in the fact that a professional make representations.That is, it must not only be able to fully collect various mechanisms (stands, machinery, transport), but also know how to produce and process the necessary details.He must be able to work with metals and other materials with which they are connected.

Smith, whose responsibilities include knowledge of the safety rules while working on different machines must be able to perform certain calculations, draw the circuit components.He also conducts the test and removal of defects collected mechanisms.