How to do a pregnancy test?

women planning a pregnancy, to find on the test two strips, immediately run to the gynecologist for her confirmation.But not everyone leaves the office with a smile on his face.Many experts disappointing that there is no pregnancy.This happens due to the fact that not all women have the right to do the test.

Meanwhile, on its reverse side there is an instruction that tells how to do a pregnancy test, but not all, read it carefully.

How to do a pregnancy test?For a reliable result it is necessary to follow the following rules:

- start doing the test only on the second day of a missed period;

- to reduce evening fluid intake;

- the test should be carried out in the morning - as soon as you got out of bed;

- before using the test to check the expiration date;

- opening the package with the test is necessary to be careful not to damage the test strip;

- urinate should only clean and dry container;

- should not touch hands in the test reagent application zone;

- after use of the test is necessary to put it in a horizontal position on a clean surface;

- assess the result not later than 10 minutes.

Waiting for pregnancy every woman wants to know about their situation much earlier, without waiting for the delay menstruation, so it is important to remember how to do a pregnancy test.If a woman's ovulation occurs earlier, for example, by 10-11 day of the cycle, it is already a 25 day cycle, ie before the delay, it will be able to learn about pregnancy, do a test.

also learn about their position to be able to delay a mother who is expecting twins.The fact is that in the presence of pregnancy in women produces the hormone HCG.It was he who "strike" on the test strip, so the presence of this hormone in women test required to show it in the form of a second strip.If a woman is pregnant with twins, that hCG is produced in 2 times more, allowing the test to determine pregnancy long before the delay.

When the pregnancy test shows two bands, it does not mean its normal course.When pregnancy develops outside the uterus, the test can detect only the presence of its own, so if ectopic pregnancy HCG is often produced in the same amount as in the normal flowing.

The pharmacy can also buy the most sensitive pregnancy test, which determines it within 7 days after introduction into the endometrium of the uterus ovum.

tests are:

  • jet tests - very easy to use, does not require the use of capacity;
  • electronic tests - appears on the display "+" or "-";
  • strip tests.

If you do not know how to do a pregnancy test, you can consult a pharmacist.

also can learn about pregnancy on the grounds that may occur from the first days of pregnancy: nausea, sometimes vomiting;breast tenderness;pulling pain in the lower segment of the abdomen;headaches;tiredness;dizziness.