What kind of assistance is provided to the patient doctor - psychotherapist

This specialist will diagnose and treat mental illnesses.Only after testing the patient's observations of his behavior, the doctor draws conclusions about the nature of the disease, trying to identify the causes of the disease and then prescribes treatment.Qualified and experienced vrachi- therapists try to provide treatment without prescription drugs strong, they conduct interviews with patients who used hypnosis and other methods of treatment.Good effect shows group therapy sessions where held talks, role, group games.The patient tells about the problems in the presence of other patients involved in the discussion of the problems of other cases.

patient's doctor are people of different ages, it may be children, young girls and boys, adult patients and the elderly.Many of them suffer from phobias, depression, tendency to inappropriate behavior, constantly experiencing anxiety.Not all people can overcome their illness on their own, so they placed an ad in the newspaper or on the website which read: "We need a therapist in St. Petersburg", responding to their call doctors who conduct private consultations.Not all of them can be treated openly: that patients with alcoholism, drug addiction, tobacco addiction.For them, it opens the possibility to be treated anonymously.Typically, such patients are aggressive, suffer from personality disorder or have experienced severe emotional distress.Treat these patients it is always difficult to use this advanced technique, deep hypnosis sessions are conducted.

Patients vracha therapist are also people experiencing insomnia, irritability, insecure, nervous, having family problems, fears, compulsive character, suffering from a problem of excess weight, constantly experiencing anxiety and excitement, apathetic and depressed, depression.When depressed patients is itself negatively, he was constantly sad, tired quickly, he still does not care a patient can lie for hours and do nothing.His self-esteem is strongly underestimated, he ceases to feel confident, constantly experiencing guilt for their actions, not eating and sleeping little.The doctor advises him more is on the air, bask in the sun, it is a ray of sunshine can improve the patient's mood, help defeat the disease.Bright colors, too, can work wonders: yellow, orange, red, blue, green salad and shades return to the life of the sick person, they should always cross his path.It is better if the curtains are bright in the room, tablecloth, bedspreads, as well as casual wear.