How to make a beautiful ceiling in the kitchen

Kitchen, above all, a work space, since the main purpose is washing dishes, cleaning and cooking food, eating food, etc.Of course, all this leads to increased pollution of the room, which had a negative impact on the state of repair, in particular the ceiling.

Every person wants to keep the repairs carried out in its original form to the kitchen was beautiful and clean.To do this, in a preliminary step to take care of repairs as the materials used, which will be repaired ceiling space.Of course, the basic requirements for a ceiling material is considered to be moisture resistance, no deformation at differences of temperature, ease of care and others.

should be noted that in the recent past in the kitchen ceiling is issued only when using emulsion paint or whitewash.At the same time, the work was quite laborious and time-consuming, since it was necessary to pre-cleaned surfaces and regularly update a layer, which gradually begins to turn yellow.

course, and now we can paint the ceiling in the kitch

en with special paint, which can be cleaned with a damp cloth.But before that, it is advisable to level any defects (cracks, crevices, etc.) and then sanded and to cause the first layer of paint.Usually, ideal for economical repairs on a limited budget.

also ceilings in the kitchen can be designed water-based wallpaper, that can be washed with the appearance of contamination.The advantage of this type of decoration is a wide range of color and texture, which allows an accuracy matched to the selected style interior.Similarly, option is to use polystyrene plates, which are mounted on a special adhesive.The advantages of this finishing material are ease of operation, saving time and money.

To make the original ceilings, drywall, you can choose with which creates a variety of forms.Additional features are good sound insulation material, the ability to hide communications, numerous electrical wires, various surface defects ceiling.But in this case, the ceiling in the kitchen require mandatory putty and paint.

At the moment, high demand for suspended ceilings, which are special plates or panels that are mounted directly on a metal frame mounted.Very often, the space between the ceiling and the frame is filled with sound-proof material (wool, polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, etc.).The originality of the design depends on the taste preferences of the customer, as can be arranged in multiple layers, which gives the room personality and unusual, or make ceilings in a classical style.

can also draw on a tension ceiling space technology that involves the use of PVC.The main characteristics of the material are moisture resistance, durability, easy care in service, eco-friendliness.Of course, not all can afford the installation of suspended ceilings, since they have a relatively high cost.But, given its benefits, it makes sense to buy in order to formalize the kitchen to your liking.It should be noted that the ceilings not only undergo deformation and damage, but does not absorb various odors, which are inherent in the kitchen, and do not form a condensate on its surface.Moreover, the empty space between the ceiling and PVC involves placing illumination and ventilation system.