Job descriptions sales assistant how they should be developed?

For those who are planning to engage in the business of selling clothes, shoes, or any other consumer goods (except food, medicine), the need to become a recruitment and training of personnel.What should be the job description sales assistant to help organize the work properly?

main principles: consistency and consistency!

note that job description sales assistant of clothes and the worker, such as a network store products can vary considerably!Therefore, it is not necessary to print without looking at the first available information on the web and handing the new employee!Remember this!Although the basis of the documents available on the Internet, you can take.

in the job description sales assistant should be included the following items relating to qualification:

- the required level of education;

- work experience or internship.

Also in this document should be made to the provisions that should be the basis of work seller.As a rule, this information is recorded in the job description sales assistant in the form of the list of items:

- knowledge of the regulations and the company's internal documents governing the work;

- following the rules of the daily work and leisure (start / end work, lunch, smoking and so on. D.);

- possession of information obtained in the training of teaching materials, and so on. D.

- the timely introduction of regulations and orders in force within the company;

- the confident knowledge of the principles of ethics of communication with customers and management;

- understanding of the conditions under which goods to be stored, and the allowable-treatment;

- knowledge of the provisions set out in the job description.

Next, you need to specify how the seller should be dressed.If you want the employee was in a trading hall exclusively in uniform, enter it (as well as the responsibility for non-compliance).You can register in all the document: shoes, hair, makeup, manicures.Clearly, in the perfume store is not particularly relevant consultant with African braids and makeup in Gothic style.Correct this register initially and agree on than make enemies in the face of staff, did not become permanent!

obligatory part of - charge!

All job descriptions sales assistant should include information on immediate responsibilities.That is, you must specify the following:

- the seller must accept the goods, to carry out an inventory in a timely manner to change price tags, if you change the price of the products in the price;

- monitor the status of windows and the workplace;

- form orders for delivery of goods from the warehouse or from suppliers;

- provide timely reporting on their work, make suggestions for the improvement of service quality.

You can not call the full job description sales assistant, which does not specify the requirements for keeping secret data, which may constitute a trade secret.If this item is not present, there will be nobody to bring a claim.

What rights?

Seller has full right to follow these steps:

- the requirement of creating the conditions necessary for the proper performance of duties;

- discussion of working conditions and pay levels;

- reports to senior management that was revealed in the course of work.

particularly important point: job description sales assistant, cashier, who must be able to work with a cash register, PC terminals.It may require some other specific skills.Clearly list the it!

Instead of conclusion

Before instructs the seller, should read it carefully and impartially.Are there any points that contradict each other and the law?Not written, too technical and confusing information (with an abundance of terms and jargon)?It is best to print ready instruction and read it yourself, and then ask about the same number of people who can make a valuable amendment!

successful work!