Orthodox Church holiday on August 24.

In the last month of summer is marked by many historical and religious events, including the Orthodox holiday of August 24 - martyr Evpatii Kolovrat (Evplov).But a month is rich not only significant dates, as from 14 to 27 August last post of the Assumption, which is shared by all orthodox Christians.

History of

Martyr Archdeacon Evpl lived and served in Sicily in Catania during imperatorstva Diocletian and Maximian.It was a fearless preacher who never parted with the Gospel, carrying their unenlightened preaching Christ to the Gentiles.He was not afraid of persecution and around the city.

During one of the reading of the Gospel, when Evpl talked to surround him with the Gentiles, he was captured and handed over to the local governor, to whom the archdeacon as a true Christian, denounced idolatry.Holy Evpl was subject to torture and cruel, being seriously wounded, imprisoned in the prison for seven days.All the while he continued to pray, and the Lord to help the martyr created directly in the prison life-giving source of water that he died of thirst.

After imprisonment Evplov again brought to the judge before whom already fortified and inspired by the archdeacon second confirmed faith in Jesus Christ and fearlessly accused the governor of the spilled blood of innocent Christians.For this martyr was subjected to cruel punishment cutting off the head.He walked back to the Gospel, hanging on his neck.Even his last moments of life Evpl not stop to read the Holy Scriptures, and then a lot of people took their faith in Christ.Orthodox Christians revere the memory of the martyr Archdeacon Evplov, Orthodox feast August 24 is celebrated in honor of the solemn church service.

Folk tradition

According to popular legend, Yevpaty Kolovrat dedicated his life to Gentile converts to Christianity.He never parted with the Gospel, explaining its significance to the people.After the execution of the martyr August 24 was considered a terrible day.People said that a ghostly white horse roamed the swamps in search of his lost rider.He rode all day and night, tearing the graves of the cemetery, trying to find the owner.And no one was able to catch a white horse.People believed that on this day of cemeteries and swamps as wandering lights, flying soul innocently killed.

the day in the national calendar Evplov was made to start knitting winter clothes.Orthodox holiday of August 24 is the day of commemoration of the martyr Archdeacon Evpatii Kolovrat, who until the last minute of his life teaching people to repentance and to bear faith in Christ.

Who is the birthday August 24

Name day in August, Orthodox holidays in August decided to celebrate with a view of the Dormition Fast, which lasts from 14 to 27 August.The two-week post quite strict, so only allowed Skoromniy food.The exception is the holiday on August 19 - The Transfiguration, when allowed to eat fish.

Orthodox holiday of August 24 rich day: Basil, Mary, Theodore Alexander Makarov, Mark, Maxim Martin.

Memorial Day venerable Theodore and Basil

We're talking about August 24.What holiday even in this day marks the Orthodox Church?On this day commemorating the venerable Theodore and Basil (11th century), whose relics are in the Near Caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.Saint Theodore donated his fortune to the needy, and retired to a monastery, where he stayed, and the Rev. Basil.In moments of sadness and grief support Basil Theodore, not allowing him to succumb to demonic temptations, and helped get rid of a passionate love of money.Theodore has repented of sin, and since then they have become close friends.

When the devil disguised as an angel again appeared to the monk and said, where are buried the values ​​that he left the monastery and returned to the world, colleagues found buried silver, and even under torture without revealing his secret to the ruling Prince Mstislav.

Saints Theodore and Basil were tormented to death, and the last arrow pierced the prince himself.Dying, Vasily predicted his death at the same arrows, turned and said to the Vladimir fortress in the internecine battles in 1099.Wounded in the chest, Mstislav said that he was dying of venerable Theodore and Basil.

Who decided to recall in August

Orthodox holiday of August 24 is also the day when the love and veneration of the martyr remember sucking.Virgin Susanna was a relative of the Pope, he was brought up in godliness and carnal Christianity and preferred marriage to serve God.For this it severely punished persecutors of Christians, and the relics of a saint sucking and now is in Rome.

August 24 (August 11, old style) give homage to St. Theodore, Prince of Ostrog, rest in the Caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.In 1386, for him was enshrined Ostrog District and Prince earned fame not only momentous military exploits, but first and foremost the protection of orthodoxy in Volyn.Leaving everything in a fairly advanced age Rev. Theodore took monastic vows with the name Theodosius until his death (in 1483) served the Lord in prayer and fasting.

Dormition Fast

In the last month of summer fall not only the church and Orthodox celebrations on 24 August and other dates, but also the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin of our Lady, in a figure which is a two week strict fast.

He is preparing for the landmark date.The name of the festival comes from the word "sleep" as the Mother of God as if asleep for three days, after which the will of the Lord resurrected and ascended to heaven.

As on August 24 a holiday complete without a special, solemn service in the Holy Russian Orthodox Church?It is simply impossible to imagine.Orthodox calendar, feasts and fasts in August which marked special dates shows that accounts which do not go Feast of the Assumption on August 28th.And last year in a multi-day fasting observed by all true believers Orthodox people.


After the death of Jesus Christ for many years (according to various sources, from 10 to 22 years old) Pure His mother was in Jerusalem, where she lived in the house of St. John the Divine, which Jesus entrusted her to his execution.

It often happens in those places where he was crucified, died and was resurrected Jesus.Holy Mother of God prayed in tears, remembering the suffering of the Son, and rejoiced in his place Ascension, asking Christ to soon take her to himself.Becoming disciples of Christ for all the common mother, she spent her time in prayer and instructive conversations.Even Christians from other countries come to see the Virgin Mary and listen to Her words.

At the end of the earthly life of Mary the Lord Himself appeared to her, accompanied by the angels in heaven to take her immaculate soul.Leaving the ground, she said to the apostles that they will always be molitvennitsey before God.And the Lord made the Most Holy Mother of His higher angels.

pure Body of Our Lady on Her will was buried in the Cave of Gethsemane, near the graves of her parents and the righteous Joseph.And since then, many miracles happened on the place of burial: diseases were healed, demons cast out, and the blind saw from touching the bier of the Virgin.And today we feel invisible presence of the Mother of God, and in moments of grief and despair, please protect it: "Holy Mother of God, help us!»