The famous stylist Vlad Lisovets

famous Russian stylist, a popular television presenter, modern designer Vlad Lisovets, his life and work of many of his fans are interested.

Childhood, Family

Vladislav was born in Baku (Azerbaijan) in the nine hundred and seventy-two tysyacha year.His father - a railway worker with forty years of experience, my mother - an employee of the laboratory, the test fuel at the rail.From a young age the boy was fond of choreography, he graduated from the ballet school.This kind of art he has devoted seven years of life, but later abandoned it.Young people clearly realized that he would never become a soloist of the famous theater.All of what he has achieved in the ballet, could be estimated at "three-plus".And since he was not used to being second or third, he deliberately left a favorite activity.


Lisovets Vlad, whose biography could have been different if he had continued studying ballet, became interested in hairdressing business.This is no accident - it was always interested in questions of style and fashion.So he entered the school and started his experiments, which were not always successful, to relatives.

Home city life

In late 1994, Vlad Lisovets came to Moscow and went to work in the most ordinary barber shop, which was located near the Ostankino.It was not long, and his regular customers have become Anita Choi, member of the "brilliant" and "Agatha Christie", Zhanna Friske, Vlad Staszewski, Valery Leontiev and other stars of Russian show business.


famous young stylist has brought not only his skill but also gallant and respectful treatment of women, as well as the complete absence of controversial actions.According to the stylist himself, his attitude towards women - it is rather a genetic inheritance, rather than special education.He recalls that his grandfather always very respectful and even reverence for the weaker sex, however, as the Pope Lisovtsa.

Work on television

In 2008, Vlad Lisovets started a talk show about fashion, "Women form", which successfully went on TV "Home."Later he became a member of the jury in the project "Top Model in Russian", created his own program "Week of style", which enjoyed great success with beautiful women.

Lisovets Vlad, whose biography is now closely linked to the TV, plans new interesting projects for women that will help every girl or woman to believe in themselves, to become feminine and attractive.


Vlad was married.He married when he was twenty-five years.Unfortunately, no luck family life almost immediately.The wife of Vlad Lisovtsa proved mediocre personality, as is well known, popular stylist most appreciates originality and originality, so it two years later decided to destroy bored attitude.About his wife, he always spoke respectfully.He still does not call her name (by mutual agreement), but maintains that it was a very caring and shopping girl.

Vlad Lisovets that a 42-th year has achieved much, now lives alone.However, it has become increasingly thinking about family and children.For him it is important that his fiancee was natural.This applies not only to its inner nature, but also appearance.Women pumped myself silicone changing the shape of the nose or chin, he was not interested.

«Barber office" Vlad Lisovtsa

famous stylist and designer in 2013, the author has produced a series of t-shirts and sweatshirts.They were originally meant to be branded clothing staff "Barbershop office."Created in the sketch Vlad sweatshirts, after their pictures appeared on the Internet, it has become very popular.

What is a "Barber office»

Today Vlad Lisovets owns a network of beauty salons.They are united by the name "Barber's office."They are located in the heart of the capital.Clients always offer the widest selection of the most modern hairdressing.In addition, you can get professional advice in the field of style and fashion.

refined and sophisticated interior, comfortable and beautiful atmosphere, nice music and a modern high professionalism of staff did salons Lisovtsa very attractive to customers.

«Barber office" Vlad Lisovtsa presented in several Russian regions.Outside Moscow the first salon opened in sunny Krasnodar.Vlad carefully monitors the quality of training in their salons, no matter where they are.Sam is training its employees.


On this subject Lisovets not like to spread.But the ubiquitous journalists found out that he was happy to help schools for gifted children, orphanages, arranges holidays for the kids, and he gets great pleasure from it.