Plant protection: some aspects and facts

the presence or absence of plants on Earth depends very much.Without food a person can do to forty days without water - up to three days, but no air - only a few minutes.And it was the supply of such an essential plant components such as oxygen.Without the involvement of the plants would not have been present in the atmosphere of the form in which it is now.And hence, there would be many living organisms and, breathable air.Including humans.

reasons for the disappearance

Scientists warn that in the near future from the face of the earth may disappear no less than forty thousand species of tropical and about eight thousand species of the areas with a temperate climate.The numbers are impressive (or should impress) of each of us.That's what is needed, and the protection of plants!

main causes of extinction of plants have long been known.This deforestation in the tropics, numerous grazing livestock, the use of chemicals that affect the ecosystem, destruction of native pollinators, insects, excessive harvesting of herbs on an industrial scale.And if you compile all of the above, the destructive and sometimes thoughtless activities of the human species living on the planet.

ethical problems

need to protect the plant carries a largely ethical and moral dimension.After all, there is still no serious scientific study of this problem.While biologists have no answer to questions about what would happen if certain species become extinct, it affects the general nature of the gene pool, what are the effects of such rates and the "wages of evolution."

Few scholars (eg, Vernadsky) justify not only the interdependence of man and nature, and combined them into one - the noosphere, for example.And all of these questions (including, in particular, the protection of plants) require us to resolve in the coming years, yet the overall biosystem close to its natural rate.

What does this mean?

Plant protection primarily means support the natural processes that occur in nature.It should help to restore balance and to eliminate the effects of the harmful effects of man, his unreasonable interference with our shared ecosystem.

no joke: in the last few decades in the day disappears from the face of the earth one plant, and in a year - one animal.Terrifying in their cynicism genocide of nature!Therefore, the protection of plants and animals disappear from the face of the earth, should be a priority for the near future of mankind.

Red Book

is not to say that this plan is not done nothing.The documents state level, protecting endangered species of plants and animals, can remember the Red Book.In her from plants are included, for example, more than four hundred species of flowering, about twenty species of algae, more than thirty species of mushrooms, about ten species of gymnosperms and ferns.

Among endangered - the famous Pitsunda pine, common snowdrop, Crimean peony, feather Lessing Schrenk tulip and many others.Are these plants under state protection.For their illegal logging, destruction and the use provides for liability (under the law).

Protection of rare plants: the main measures

Of these, the most relevant in the modern world - the separation and protection of habitats.Active (but not to the extent as we would like), created and developed reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries that provide the continued existence of endangered species of plants (and animals).In many civilized countries have developed and operate programs for all-round protection of the environment, rational use of natural resources by mankind.After all, if we do not take the necessary measures in time, many of the plants disappear completely from the face of the earth, and it is impossible to have to fill these gaps.

Botanical Gardens

huge role in maintaining populations of plants, study and preservation of endangered species and botanical gardens play an experimental stations.They contain certain essential collection of living plants - representatives of local and exotic flora, promote the study and cultivation of plants, the creation of new and more productive forms and types.Of promising developments - research on acclimatization of plants adapted to the new conditions of life in other natural zones.Botanical gardens also serve educational objectives, promote the achievements of science of botany.

role of plants in human life

Only in recent decades mankind is fully aware of the role of plants in people's lives.Although that can not prevent the disappearance from the face of the earth any existing species, say some scientists and educators for a long time.

with the extermination of green people will lose a lot that contains the world.Protection of plants, in turn, should prevent this.After all, this part - is not only a necessary source of health, but also the aesthetic component of the art world, which inspired and inspires many artists and writers to create masterpieces of art.

But the most important masterpiece - is our common homeland, whose name is the planet Earth!And so it is necessary, especially in recent times, all of us take care of the green its population, so that our descendants can enjoy a variety of species of plant life.