Fish that feed on fish.

Our planet is populated by representatives of the amazing fauna, each of which has its own unique qualities.We know a lot about them: for example, the koala does not drink water, cats perfectly see in the dark and dolphins possess almost human intelligence.And what we know about fish, except that there are edible, and there are all inedible and even poisonous?

In this article we will tell about the amazing inhabitants of the underwater measurements have fins: about their lives in the depths, and the habits of what the fish are fed, depending on the environment in which they live.

You will discover the unknown world of the underwater kingdom, which does not so calm and peaceful as it seems at first glance.For example, in the waters live fish, feeding on fish and small animals.There are also birds and animals rybolyuby who are not averse to eat freshly caught delicacy.

each his own menu

By the nature of the behavior and eating habits of fish are divided mainly on predatory and peaceful.Carnivores - a fish-eating fish, and only sometimes used different food.They represent a serious threat to fish-vegetarians, especially those of small size.

peace, in turn, are herbivorous, benthophages and plankton.Basically, it's the fish that feed on algae.

exclusively herbivorous consume phytoplankton, in other words - floating algae.Benthophages - a fish that feed on algae that grow on the depth (called phytobenthos) and organic particles.Plankton and zooplankton prefer not disdain single-celled organisms that inhabit the river.

In addition, there are omnivores euryphages - fish that feed on fish, algae and small invertebrates.Their menu is more diverse.

River settlers

Looking at the river, we have no idea how many lives of all kinds of living creatures under the water surface.For each area characterized by its "sets" of freshwater fish.For example, in the rivers on the territory of Russia are found such representatives as Bersh, carp, dace, ruff, sturgeon, trout, whitefish, grayling.

also in Russian waters can be found smelt, pike, carp, bream, chub.In addition, there are so beloved by anglers carp, minnows, carp, roach, rudd, tench, catfish, burbot, perch.And this is not a complete list of all kinds.

Carnivorous predators river

what to eat fish in the river?Each of them has its diet.Menu river inhabitants depends on many factors: the type of bottom (sand or stones), algae, and even the time of year.

Let's start with the classic predators, which include fish, feeding on fish.It Bersh, sturgeon, trout, pike, catfish, eel, river perch.Consider them:

  • Bersh belongs to the family Okuneva and looks very similar to walleye.This gregarious predatory fish that eats fry of roach and Rudd.Do not hesitate to take small minnows and ruffs.
  • Sturgeon belongs to the family of the same name.This is an aggressive predator that can dine the main menu and "bite" frog.The river is a large number of sturgeon occurs only when they spawn.These checkpoints fish-eating predators, not only in fresh water, but in the salt.
  • Loach - a very large representative of the salmon family, which is considered a predator because it is very fond of fish eggs, sour cream it in large quantities, thereby reducing their population to catastrophic proportions.Also trout prey on juvenile salmon.
  • Pike - the only representative of the family of the same name.It is extremely aggressive, voracious, predatory person.The ration its supply rybёshki includes such as carp and roach.In addition, the pike "suffering" cannibalism: the predatory fish eat smaller representatives of their kind.The variety of the menu can make pike and small mammals (eg, mouse), happened to be in the water.Also pike prey may be small aquatic birds and their young.
  • Som Som of the family in their eating habits similar to the pike.It feeds on small fish, but can also attack the chicks waterfowl.Large representatives to the hunted large birds, as well as able to carry off the water dog or a small calf.There are cases where catfish attacked pigeons that inadvertently pecked grain from the water's edge.This "greed" to the food due to the fact that it feeds only in the warm seasons and winter starving.
  • Burbot Cod belongs to the order.These fish predators hunt prey at night, and eat not only fish, including juveniles like themselves, but also decaying animals and frogs.
  • perch is both hunter and prey.It feeds on small fish, and he himself is food for pike and walleye.

Underwater vegetarians

Civilians river depths - harmless fish that feed on algae, phytoplankton, detritus.Phytoplankton - a tiny plant organisms that inhabit a huge number of water bodies and is moved by the flow.

phytoplankton often not visible to the naked eye, so people do not give it a value.Many of us are not even aware of these microscopic organisms, and yet they - overriding vegetarian constituting what feed the fish in the river.This is especially true for species such as carp, carp and tench.Learn more about them:

  • Cupid - "native" of the carp family.It feeds exclusively on vegetable food: mud, various algae, reeds.He can also use the submerged during the flood land plants.
  • carp belongs to the same family as the carp, and prefers microscopic algae and detritus.Roth carp - a kind of "filter device", thanks to which this fish green water filters, as a kind of river sanitation.
  • Lin - very sedentary fish prefer to live at the very bottom or algae thickets.More than 60% of its diet are algae.

Omnivore euryphages

interesting that almost all owners of fins, whether peaceful vegans or carnivores carnivores in the period of active growth are omnivores.The feed on fish in the river, which are classified as euryphages?The answer is simple: almost everything that gets into their mouth.This small river plankton, crustaceans, molluscs, protozoa, and even insects!This is especially true of young animals.High-calorie food - is an important element, which requires growing up fish.

eat insects, "young" does not necessarily become predators, and who eat the algae is not always the fry grow herbivorous.However, there are a number of fish that retain "omnivorous" Lifelong:

  • Elec - "native" of the carp family.Eat bottom dwelling invertebrates, as well as vegetation and insects.
  • Ruff belongs to a family Okuneva.He is incredibly greedy and eats constantly.The main diet of a ruff - invertebrates, insects and their larvae, small mollusks, fish eggs and some species of algae.
  • Grayling - representative of the family of the same name.As ruff, it feeds on zooplankton, insects, fish roe spawning.
  • Smelt - omnivorous fish, which does not shrink from any food like eggs and fry of other fish, algae, benthic organisms.
  • Carp - is a big euryphage carp family.He does not have the stomach, so his hunger never quenched.This fish eats mollusks, insect larvae, zooplankton, living in the bottom mud.
  • Bream different from most fish small mouth opening.Because of this anatomical features it is unable to absorb the large meal, so satisfied with detritus, small insects and worms.
  • Asp belongs to the carp family.The young of this fish feeds on insects, zooplankton, small crustaceans.Matured individuals are switching to "predatory" diet.This asp has no teeth, and currently produces small fish, stunning it hit the tail.Do not hesitate to take it, and large insects, such as butterflies, beetles, dragonflies.
  • Karas - one more representative of fish euryphages.Their food is crustaceans, insect larvae, molluscs, slime, algae, benthic plankton, duckweed.
  • Pescara - is a typical example benthophages.It feeds on zooplankton, small insects and molluscs, as well as various fish caviar.
  • Rudd - a fish of the carp family.It is a kind of "litmus test" to determine the quality of water - rudd lives only in clean waters.Her menu includes young shoots of various aquatic plants, insects and their larvae and eggs of mollusks, which this fish is on the leaves of water lilies.
  • Roach - it is unpretentious in food fish of the carp family that eats small crustaceans and leeches, dragonfly larvae, bloodworms, algae and seeds.

eating habits of residents of Lake

Do not forget that in addition to the rivers and lakes there are more that are also home to all sorts of underwater creatures: snails, frogs, crayfish.In such reservoirs lives Marsh fish eat small crustaceans: sturgeon, carp, grass carp, tench, perch, rainbow trout, carp, roach, whitefish and ide.

fish living in the lake, has a slightly different diet than the river.This is due to the special microclimate of the reservoir.River fish predators such as whitefish their eating habits differ from the lake by the fact that the diet of most of them by 60% consists of phytoplankton and algae.

largest and Marsh voracious fish eat small crustaceans, phytoplankton and zooplankton - a carp.Like its river "brother", he never eats, because it is a fish without a stomach.Also, small crustaceans in large numbers eating bream.

Inhabitants salty sea

deep sea is teeming with all sorts of the fauna, especially fish.Like the river, they are peaceful and predatory.The feed on fish in the sea?Due to the fact that it is more densely populated by different organisms menu poikilothermic marine more diverse than their river "relatives."

most common sea, "fellow" river fin leading a relatively peaceful way of life - mullet, herring, mullet, red mullet and roach.Why is "about"?Because these fish feed on algae, sometimes can dine their own kind.

Menu aggressive fish, in contrast to the peaceful inhabitants of the sea depths, more diverse.The feed on marine fish predators?It is interesting to know that a small predator with fins could make diet larger carnivorous fish.The most common of the field - is mackerel, salmon, catfish, flounder, halibut, mackerel, salmon, tuna, cod and perch.

Diet for peaceful marine fish

  1. Pelengas belongs to the family MULLETS.This is a valuable commercial fish of medium size, which feeds dentritom, shellfish and algae, so the sea is considered land improvement.
  2. Herring - the "eats" from all.Her love birds, marine animals and we - the people.It feeds on small crustaceans and zooplankton.Larger herring representatives may engage in cannibalism, eating the young of their own kind.
  3. Mullet is considered one of the most delicious fish.His food (zooplankton and Dentro) She scoops out sediment.
  4. fish with a funny name mullet feeds on small benthic organisms using their antennae to fumble food.
  5. battering ram - one of the favorite prey anglers.It leads demersal lifestyle and eats small clams and zooplankton.

food marine fish predators

  1. Mackerel - it is one of the most popular fish consumed by man.It euryphage predator that feeds on both plankton and smaller like-minded.
  2. Pink salmon - is one of the most important representatives of the fishing of the salmon family.In some countries this fish is called "Russian salmon".Her diet consists of mollusks and smaller rybёshek, crustaceans and fry.
  3. Catfish prefers cold water, so inhabits a rather great depth.Thanks to its well-developed jaws menu is very diverse.Catfish eat crabs, shellfish, sea urchins, lobsters, sea stars and jellyfish sometimes.Do not disdain catfish and fish, which are far superior in size.
  4. Flounder is unique because of its unusual appearance.This flat lady leads demersal lifestyle and preys on small fish and crustaceans, attacking them from his sandy refuge.
  5. halibut belongs to the family of flatfish and is powered by the same as the flounder.Preference is given to capelin and pollock.
  6. horse mackerel - a swift hunter.It becomes prey fish such as anchovy, red mullet and mullet.Do not give up the own young.In turn, the mackerel - a favorite food for dolphins.
  7. Salmon - the most favorite people fish.It is widely used in cooking in the kitchens of the world.At sea, salmon feed on herring, sprat, smelt, herring and shellfish.
  8. Tuna belongs to the family Scombridae is the most valuable commercial fish.It feeds on cephalopods, and certain types of small fish and squid and shrimp.
  9. cod and walleye in their eating habits are no different from the above "colleagues."

Menu immigrants

aquarium hobbyists have appeared fashionable trend to arrange a simulation of the deep sea.To do this, the aquarium is decorated with corals, anemones and run to the exotic fish from the seas and oceans.Choose the correct "company" ignorant person is unlikely to - because many residents pseudo-sea behind glass may destroy each other in accordance with the characteristics of the food.Aggressive fish predators will always hunt for peaceful herbivores - it should take into account when choosing a colorful "residents" with fins.Particular attention should be paid to what the eating of fish in the sea.Most popular carnivorous aquarium "overseas visitors" - a discus, Astronotus, piranhas, fish lionfish, Apistogramma, Yellow.

From peaceful sea creatures in an aquarium can live clown fish, dwarf gourami, angelfish, neon, minors, tetras.

If you have decided to arrange in his own house underwater world, is to find out what residents eat aquarium at home - in the sea or ocean.Predators like Yellow dine snails and small crustaceans, and not averse to hunt for small fish.Keep up with them and other cichlids, and Astronotus and piranhas.

But algae - that's what feeds the fish-clown.As well as the majority of other peaceful aquarium inhabitants.

River fish hunters

fish-eating birds, is very dangerous for them, regardless of their environment.Winged enemies river Representatives - black-headed gull is, gray herons, cranes, osprey and white-tailed.These voracious birds can destroy a huge number of fish.Learn more about them:

  • Black-(river / black-headed gull) - is omnivorous, eating bird nepereborchivaya small size.Thanks webbed feet gull perfectly swim and catch fish from the surface of the pond for them is not difficult.
  • gray herons and cranes - a fairly large birds, which prefer only animal food.Fish up to 80% of their diet, the remaining 20% ​​- a frog and rodents.
  • Osprey - a river eagles.They are listed as endangered.Osprey - a fish-eating birds and only it!They hunt using clawed paws, capturing prey out of the water.Osprey - the worst enemy of river dwellers, regardless of species.
  • White-tailed Eagle, like the osprey, listed in the Red Book.It is a large bird of prey, fish-eating birds and smaller.The menu also includes white-tailed eagle rabbits, gophers, marmots, and other rodents.They do not disdain carrion.

winged hunters

marine fish that live in the sea, are not immune from what will be the food of birds.Their lives are actively encroach feathered fans, gourmets as cormorants, albatrosses, petrels, gulls.In the northern seas and oceans for fish hunt penguins.

  1. cormorant - a rather large bird that eats not only capelin, sardines and herring, and shellfish.