Flower green as a garden decoration.

The exterior green - it is, of course, the color of the foliage that surrounds us on all sides, and we generally do not notice it, among other things does not distinguish, perceiving only as a background that emphasizes the more saturated and vibrant colors.Many people think that in the shade of the landscape design a secondary role.

Meaning green

Green should not be underestimated.If the plants look closely, it may be noted that the range of shades of this color is quite rich, while for creative experimentation opens up new possibilities.Flowers with green leaves quenched or increase the brightness of the multi-color compositions, and can also be used as an interesting design element in the design of the garden.


very warm and fun look flowers with green flowers in combination with other bright red, orange and yellow buds!They also complement the wonderful burgundy and pink flowers, greatly enhancing the depth of their colors.This is not to ignore the stunningly beautiful leaves are popular hosts which can present a huge set of silvery, gray and yellow-green, emerald-blue tones.

In this article we will learn the name of the Greens, as well as their descriptions.

Popugaychikovye tulips

worth mentioning separately about tulips, or rather, about a group of late-zelenolepestkovyh plants, which are characterized by unusual beauty and long flowering.Backs tulip petals are yellow-green, retaining its full flowering period.Contrast colors the edges of the petals and the middle, painted in different colors, it has a stunning view.These yellow-green flowers are used for cutting and landscaping.It is also worth noting that at the moment zelenolepestkovye tulips are incredibly popular.

The color of petals is also present a green tint.This is a peculiar group of plants whose tepals arranged horizontally in the open state, and have notched, irregular, serrated or fringed form.Due to the wide-open large flowers and deeply cut by the edges of the petals popugaychikovye tulips resemble feathers splayed.

All summer the plant dissolves the small yellow-green flowers, gathered in large numbers in the false umbrellas.It is a herbaceous perennial plant.Stem, reaching a height of 30 cm, lying arched upwards.This cuff in partial shade forms a pretty cover, even though the sun has successfully grown.

petals green "smears" Tulips are the following varieties:

  • «Parrot Inzell" (greenish-white flowers).
  • «King Parrot" (yellow-light green-white-green petals).
  • «Ear" (pale lilac, apricot and a rare bit of green specks resembling feathers).
  • «Erna Lindgrin" (on burgundy background green bars).
  • «Apricot Parrot" (red yellow green).

Popugaychikovye tulips are suitable for borders and frames.Planted along different paths, they will be able to fully demonstrate their amazing beauty.

Amaranth tailed

Many of us have the opportunity to look at the interesting summer flowers with green flowers, which are called amaranth caudate.Such coloring uncharacteristic colors for the plant as a whole and is very rare.It is much more likely to be observed dark red and crimson.They are collected in dense spherical glomeruli, which are connected in a long broom (occasionally up to 1.5 meters) inflorescences, if tails fall off downwards.This extraordinary spectacle!


Amaranth Amaranth paniculata flowers may be greenish-white.One such grades - "Rushnychok".Its uniqueness lies in the shade of green inflorescences with burgundy, brightly colored brush tip, resembling patterns, embroidered with a cross.Hence, such an unusual name.

Effectively look amaranth, especially tall variety, soliternyh and group plantings.They also have appropriate barriers and walls in the background of various flower beds.This low-growing will be found in the curb or ridges.

Green rose

If we consider the color green color (the names of some of them are listed in this article), it should be noted that a special place among them is given roses.Today it is still a novelty, and the byway.It is fashionable to order bouquets of these flowers for various occasions.They say different companies selling flowers, mean abundance, generosity, stability and maintain a balance, therefore, it is believed that they need to give the people prosperous, in addition, anyone who wants to become one.

News acquire such "green mascot" right now, during the crisis.Thus it is better if the plant will not be cut, but a living, pleasing the eye in your own garden for its unusual flowering.But accurate information about green roses, their names, their methods of cultivation, and so it is very difficult to find.Different sources can be found only "crumbs", which is now talk.

varieties of green roses

flower green rose can be of different varieties - Jade, Limbo, Limona, Melannie.Although what today is considered a green card, is actually a plant with bright green-yellow flowers.

One of the best of these varieties is the cultivar Green rosa - flowers of green, whose names are often associated with a symbol of renewed life after revolution or just emerging gentle feelings of love.

This information will be of interest to those who he wants to grow a bush.This beauty can create a simple pitch.Some growers are advised for this land around the rose bush vyazozheld (or ostrokrov) - it is an evergreen plant, wherein the red poisonous berries and prickly leaves.When it let the first shoots, one need to make a small hole into which then thread the twig and bend the roses.Then this "wound" connect neatly tieing her hemp rope so that it does not leak air and does not disperse.When the pink twig point will first escape, it is completely free.So then on a pink flower bush turns green.

Green gladiolus

Besides roses, gladiolus flower can also be green.Of course, it's exotic, such plants are very rare.However, they are valuable.However, some of these varieties have been bred for a long time and are well known to a small circle of enthusiasts and lovers of the unusual.So, in 1978, there was sort of Emerald Ripples, considered in the present moment the leader among all zelenotsvetnyh gladioli, as has the rich connotation in their group.His flowers are rounded corrugated shape, are located two-row.They will not leave anyone indifferent.

Also known variety called Green With Envey with juicy green color.

Among today's popular new products can be identified varieties "Our Garden" (silnogofrirovannymi different light green flowers having tucks in his throat) "Malachite Green" (dark green), and the "Green Cockatoo".

also include a group of green sort of "Gold Cup" with a greenish-yellow buds.

Chrysanthemum green

In early autumn chrysanthemums Revert grade dissolve flower green.The name he gave in his time Carl Linnaeus.It means "golden flower."

Although buds of chrysanthemums can be painted in yellow and a bright green hue.It is a natural green color, which darkens when blooming, turning into a soft yellow.Vegetation is retained only at the ends of the petals.But this color (not pure green) are large, about 15 cm in diameter, flowers, chrysanthemums look very nice and a bit strange.

would like to think that all the information listed some of the usual amateur gardeners and landscape designers inspire you to create a beautiful garden zelenotsvetnogo.Of course, this beauty is not suitable for everyone.

Although, if not a plot, his separate corners greener, place, utilizing green palette to create floral arrangements, still worth a try.Only when it is desirable to keep in mind that these flowers can look painful about blue and blue, but if you put a number of orange color, they will be able to blaze heat.

no need to ignore the green shade and be afraid of different experiments with colors.