How to turn the flash on "iPhone" when you call the operating system?

newly minted owners of the "apple" smartphone often wonder: "How do I turn the flash on" iPhone "when you call?" That it will be answered in this short article.And for this task will be used only system software that is an operating system smartphone.

For what it can be used?

Before you turn the flash on "iPhone" when you call or when you receive a text or multimedia message, let's deal with those cases in which it is convenient to use.The developers of this device indicates that this function is primarily aimed at people with poor hearing.In such a case, a setting device they do not miss an important call or SMS.On the other hand, the same setting is convenient to activate during an important meeting.Due to the LED backlight in this case not to be missed an important call.The same is true for the theater, for example.This option also allows the owners of smartphones of the manufacturer to express their individuality.After all, in the gadgets of other brands it is quite difficult to use the system in this way highlight the main camera device.

What devices does it work?

Since the "iPhone 4" flash can perform two tasks at once.One standard - assistance in obtaining pictures in low light.At the same time some additional manipulation of the device does not need to make.The second - is acting as an indicator of events smartphone.And in this case it is necessary to adjust the parameters of the gadget.The same is true for later versions of smartphones "apple" of the company.

algorithm settings

now deal with how to turn the flash on "iPhone" when calling.An algorithm for solving this problem so:

  • switched on and unlocked smartphone find a label with the word "Settings".We go into it.
  • In the menu, find the item "Main".Open it.
  • then find the item labeled "Universal Access" and enter it.
  • The next step is among the items of the submenu find «LED - flash".By default, it "slider" is located at the far left, that is, this option is turned off.To activate this option sets the "slider" to the far right.In this circle on it should change to a dash.
  • Then you should close all the windows, which were open to change the settings of your smartphone.

This, in fact, the setup process is finished.Now we need to validate the changes.


now deal with how to make the flash on "iPhone" with the previously defined parameters.It's enough to receive an incoming call.That is phoning boyfriend or girlfriend and ask you to dial.Then we wait until the call and check the flashing of the LED backlight camera while receiving an incoming call.Likewise, check the flickering flashes when receiving an SMS or MMS.Now, after using the previous manipulation, LED backlight camera performs two functions: it allows to obtain high-quality photos in the dark and in combination is an indicator of events smartphone.


This article describes the most universal method of solving such a problem, how to turn the flash on "iPhone" when calling.For its implementation does not need to install additional software smartphone.Suffice it to properly change the gadget, camera and LED lights will start two functions.And there is nothing particularly difficult, and the task can handle any owner of such a device.