State support for small business in Russia and abroad

In foreign countries the state support of small business - it is an important self-management system of social and economic policies.It exists by the principle of creating the best conditions for business development.The concept of business support - a national and European interests of the community that define the objectives and principles important for businesses.

State support for small business allows to reveal some features available in each country, rejecting national characteristics.

1. Legal acts that define public policy objectives and regulate the support of entrepreneurship.Also included are the tasks and functions of management together with a mechanism for their implementation.

2. Building relationships of public bodies at different levels with the associations and the unions that represent the interests of entrepreneurs in order to take account of their position in the decision-making process.

3. Efficient allocation of responsibilities between the authorities.

4. State support of small business has a developed system of specialized government agencies and institutions that ensure the implementation of all tasks in the area of ​​promoting entrepreneurship.

5. Financial support: allocations from the state budget, tax incentives, creation of credit, financial and insurance institutions.

Support helps companies speed up economic development, raise the level of employment and to ensure a healthy competitive environment.For this purpose programs are developed with measures to support entrepreneurship through grants, loans and benefits.

State support for small business in Russia employs about 20% of the active population (economically), which is three times lower than in Western European countries.However, the prevailing view of small business shows a favorable development in its trade and catering.This indicates that the main fields of business there is government support.

peculiarity of the development of entrepreneurship in Russia is the overwhelming percentage of the "shadow" of the space.It is about 40-50% of the actual turnover of the business.This means that part of the resources that could be use in solving the problems of the state, "is tracked," somewhere in the side.

state program of support of small business has some distinctive features.

1. The combination of different activities within the same organization, there is a lack odnoproduktivnoy development model.

2. Undeveloped self-organization system.

3. The desire for self-employment, while foreign organizations generally are operated under franchise and subcontracting.

Entrepreneurship in Russia may exist in the service sector or in collaboration with major institutions.In these areas it is possible to realize the great potential.