How to makeup Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie - undeniably bright, wonderful actress, with its catchy and charismatic, memorable appearance.Her image is quite strict and hard, as evidenced by the dark, almost black hair, presence of tattoos on the body, and the predominance of dark colors in clothes.Makeup Angelina Jolie discreet as she already has a very expressive facial features.Her business card - is, of course, full lips, that are the envy of many women and men the object of desire.

To do makeup like Angelina Jolie, you need to take seriously the selection of cosmetic products, giving preference to the resistance, as well as the funds that are perfectly hide imperfections.

1. Perfect skin tone.We select the appropriate cream or powder.Angelina is not a fan of sun, so choose lighter shades of tonal resources.If your skin is prone to fat content, it is advisable to use the powder to remove excess shine.

2. eyebrows.Shape eyebrows actress - slim, classic.If necessary, bring them into order using tweezers before applying makeup.Next Draw eyebrows dark brown pencil.

3. Eyes.To repeat the makeup Angelina Jolie, with a thin waterproof eyeliner, draw an arrow on the upper eyelid.To facilitate this task will help advance the use of the initial powder and black pencil drawing - the line will be more refined, precise and correct.The actress prefers long arrows, starting outside the inner corner of the eye (near the nose) ending towards temples.To enhance the effect, use pearl shades in the inner corners of the eye and under the brow.

Makeup Angelina Jolie can also be made in the style of "Smoky Aes", which can be done with a pencil and black shadows.In the first case in the inner corners of the eye shadows are applied to white and then dark arrows drawn in the outer corners and carefully shaded.The second option involves applying to the outer part of the eye of black or dark-gray shadows.The final touch - long, black, dyed from root to tip eyelashes (both upper and lower).To do this, use mascara with the effect of lengthening or volume.

4. Makeup Angelina Jolie is impossible to imagine without plump, delicious lips.The lips of the actress does not need extra volume, but if you do not have the nature bestowed such dignity, will have to use glitter, guaranteeing a similar effect.It must be remembered that the film star prefers matte lipstick skin colors without excessive flicker.

5. Blush - Give your choice a quiet, pale pink hue.Avoid brown and bronze colors.

Angelina - a frequent winner of various world rankings of beauty.She is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations.First place in the ranking of highest paid actresses by Forbes magazine takes is Angelina Jolie.Makeup Star always fairly discreet, she herself has been repeatedly recognized in the interview, he does not like too bright colors, including clothing.Her style - is moderation, rigor and unbending confidence.