How to wean a child biting?

In the life of almost every parent situation arises when his child bitten someone.Mom, dad, another child, my grandmother or my cat.Whoever got a hot hand, or rather a tooth, it was unpleasant and painful.So, this behavior is wrong, and it must be fought.But how to wean the child's bite, so as not to run into something even more unpleasant?

Before answering this question, we need to understand the reasons why he does so because they are always there.

At the age of 5 to 7 months old baby bite simply because the way he tries to ease the pain associated with teething.Methods of dealing in this case, the most obvious: you have to give a little "Biter" rubber toys, teethers which are made specifically for this.

What if a child bites in age from 8 to 14 months?During this period, this can occur if the baby is tired or perevozbudilsya also cause "test on the tooth" parents may be discomfort or irritation.In addition, the parents set a good example to your child, biting his fingers as an expression of love and affection.And if so does the dad or mom, then, of course, in this way are obliged to do their son or daughter.Another aspect we must not forget: in this age, your child actively learns the world through tactile and taste sensations.He was just curious to know what you taste.How to wean a child biting at this age?Pretend that you are experiencing terrible pain, you should not overdo it, but reasonable grotesque not hurt.Your baby is able to understand that to hurt you, and will try to continue not to do so.

During a half to 3 years old baby bite in self-defense or in order to attract attention, even negative.Your child, despite its small size, can experience great feelings helplessness, fear, irritation, anger.But his speech opportunities are not yet sufficiently developed to express their emotions in words, so it can bite someone, to give vent to his worries.How to wean a child to bite in this case?In no case do not use force, because unlike him, are you talking about for a long time and a lot of, so its use in such weapons.Explain that a person bitten hurts that to do so bad.Try to spend more time with your baby, so he felt safe.Teach him to express his feelings in words or other actions not bringing pain to others (to beat a pillow, crush badly or tear paper).

After 3 years, the child bites in the garden or in the yard to protect themselves from the attacks of peers, their ridicule and aggression in their favor.Also, the reason for such a negative reaction can be covered in a stressful situation at home: frequent quarrels or divorce of parents, came to the house of another man instead of the pope, fainting mother's attention because of the appearance of a little brother or sister.How to wean a child biting into such a difficult situation?Before you scold your baby for the "disgraceful behavior", look around and think about whether it is time to change their attitude to the child, to create a more comfortable environment for him at home.

This does not mean that we should remain silent, on the contrary, the reaction on your part must necessarily follow that the child clearly understands that you can not do so under any circumstances.So be sure to strictly talk to him if you see fit, punish (leave without cartoon evening, for example), but remember that the problems of children are almost always to blame adults.And draw conclusions.