How to care for your teeth to adults and children?

How to care for your teeth?Surely this question is interesting to absolutely everyone, regardless of the fact that most people are inert to the problems of oral health, not considering it necessary to resort to troublesome, they believe the procedures.As a rule, such a carefree attitude to their own health does not promise anything good, and in old age a person begins to suffer from the fact that he had nothing to chew food.To reduce these risks to a minimum, one would have to know how to look after their teeth.If you observe some simple rules, you will never be ashamed of their own smiles.

Secrets of Health

So, how to care for your teeth so that as little as possible to go to the dentist?There are a few quite simple recommendations on this subject.We consider these in more detail.

Brush your teeth properly

Surely everyone knows the classic rule on cleaning the teeth.It states that the procedure should be prodelyvat twice a day, morning and evening.

only advice you can give is that we should not forget to follow the oral hygiene before bedtime, because it is at night the bacteria stimulate the activity.Duration of treatment should be around three minutes.

considering the question of how to care for your teeth, it must be emphasized that they only need to be cleaned after meals and not earlier than 30 minutes.The fact is that after eating in the mouth accumulates a lot of acids, adversely affecting the enamel, so best to neutralize this effect by using the composition of the salt, baking soda and water, followed by a rinse your mouth immediately after you have eaten.

Not recommended for cleaning the teeth after eating citrus fruits, pickles and wine.The fact that the image of the acidic environment of the structure softens the enamel, so it is easy to damage even a soft toothbrush.

language also needs care

Grooming oral, do not forget to brush your tongue and cheeks, as they are a huge amount of bacteria that could potentially cause the development of caries.

Sunflower oil

not know how to care for your teeth?

If you do not have at hand toothbrush and toothpaste, then brushing the teeth can be one or two times to replace mouthwash sunflower oil.It has bactericidal action and eliminate harmful micro-organisms that have accumulated in the language, as well as remnants of food stuck in the teeth.Duration of procedure - about 3-4 minutes.

Choice toothbrush

So what brush you use also affects the state of your teeth.Her head should be comfortable, and villi - have a high degree of rigidity.If you have sensitive teeth or gums bleed you, the bristles should be soft.Hard villi are used when you need to whiten your teeth.And only when there is no prerequisite for the development of caries without bleeding gums.

must also consider one important fact: detrimental stiff bristles that she eventually grind the enamel, and chronic diseases of the teeth and it all can wear out.In any case, there is no need to use long stiff brush.

As mechanical means with rotating heads, it is convenient to use them in the first place bed-patients and persons with disabilities.

When cleaning the mouth do not press the brush too hard, otherwise you risk damaging the enamel - is a very important point in the question of how to care for your teeth.

Update "tool" every three months.A soft bristle brush should be changed once a month.

Selecting toothpaste

When deciding how to care for your teeth, of fundamental importance to the choice of pasta.Of course, it all depends on the thickness of the purse and personal preferences.If the person on the nature of strong and healthy teeth, it will fit almost any brand.However, when there is a predisposition to the development of caries, or a person high sensitivity of the teeth, the choice should be made in favor of the special funds, which are the maximum extent solve this or that problem.

Dental floss

This tool allows you to clean up those areas of the mouth where can not get a toothbrush.At the same time, use the thread to be careful not to put teeth more harm than good.Extreme care should be exercised in cases where the teeth are firmly planted.

And if they are arranged as a single monolithic series, without a hint of any gaps, then use the above tools do not make sense.The yarn is specially designed to remove food debris and plaque between teeth.If they are too wide, the oral cavity was purified by means of special conical brushes.Dental floss should be used at least 3-4 times a week in the evening.

What to do if you can not brush your teeth

In life, there are cases when the hand is not toothpaste and brushes.What to do?Will mouthwash with special solutions that are being developed as an additional antibacterial agent in toothpaste.It is particularly convenient to use them when a man eats a cake or a couple of chocolates.In 99% of cases by means of such rinsing removes plaque, thereby reducing the risk of tartar.

But what if you can not even rinse your mouth?In this case, you can use the "pocket" fresheners or special chewing gum.The above means, of course, focused primarily on the fact to help in the care and not to eliminate bad breath, and they do an excellent job with this task.In addition, they are so compact, it fits easily into a purse or jacket pocket male.Noteworthy is the fact that they can be used immediately after a meal at any time of the day.These tools restore normal levels of acidity, which causes no harm to dental enamel.

Today, more and more as an alternative to natural chewing gum sap consumer uses - cedar or pine pitch.This tool does not have any influence on the acid-base balance, but has a mild antiseptic effect.

Food useful for teeth

Longer maintain healthy teeth help certain foods.These certainly include fruits and vegetables, especially carrots and apples.Good for teeth red fish, yogurt and cottage cheese, because they in large numbers contains calcium and fluoride.The development of dental caries will slow down if the diet to include foods such as cheese and raisins - it is better to eat for dessert.The beneficial effect on the oral cavity also has green tea, which not only prevents the formation of plaque, but also helps to normalize the activity of the immune system.

Features dental care in childhood

course, moms and dads can not but worry the question of how to care for the baby teeth.It should be noted that boys and girls are more susceptible to caries than adults.As a rule, almost all babies do not comply with hygiene and brush their teeth only once a day (at best), not to mention the fact that it is not used by a thread.All this leads to early tooth loss and tooth decay.What is important to remember that the question is "how to care for the baby teeth"?In the first place parents should demonstrate by example a child proper brushing teeth procedure, explain what brush should be used and how much you need to squeeze toothpaste from a tube.Show the children how to deal with flossing and how you need to rinse your mouth balm.

Again, the issue of care for children's teeth is paramount quality toothpaste.Preference should be given compositions containing fluorine - it prevents the development of caries.Take the time to make an appointment with pediatric dentist, to consult about a vitamin complex to buy your son or daughter, and ask what foods can help strengthen teeth.Also, the parents - in order to prevent tooth decay - it is necessary to limit the number of in children's diets sweet: sweets, ice cream, jams, condensed milk and so on.Excessive use of the aforementioned delicacies threatens not only damage the tooth enamel, but also a set of extra kilos.

Features care for baby teeth

Many parents are concerned about the issue of how to care for baby teeth that also require attention.However, some fathers and mothers mistakenly believe that the problem does not exist as such, as the "temporary" teeth anyway, will fall.However, in most cases, the above process may wear prematurely due to the nature of the resulting dental caries and molar appear prematurely.As a result, the child may grow crooked teeth.As a result of a visit to the orthodontist, braces and other "bonuses" are guaranteed.

very interesting question of how to care for the first teeth.

In fact, this process is not difficult: twice a day is necessary with the help of a sanitary napkin dipped in water, treat mouth or use for this purpose a special silicone cap that fits over the finger.When the child turns six years old, you must teach him to use a toothbrush.Make to opt for a bright design.The work surface should be short (max. 25 mm), the bristles - very soft and pen - and thickened with non-slip inserts that the child was convenient to hold a brush in his hand.Toothpaste should begin to use when a child is approaching the age of two years.Naturally, it is recommended to buy special formulations with minimal abrasive additives and a small amount of fluoride - are used instead flavors and fruit flavors.

Parents should ask: "How to care for baby teeth?" Since the early days of their appearance, because even in the milk incisors can form cavities.

treatments, dental implants

Today, a huge number of people resorting to the implantation procedure when using modern technology can not recover previously lost teeth.Naturally, for this purpose, synthetic materials, but even they eventually formed plaque.Of course, the question is: "How to care for dental implants? 'Today, so many worries.

The first step is to carry out high-quality daily oral care.Brushing your teeth should be using special toothbrushes, floss and superfloss, and it should be done twice a day, in good light.You should carefully handle the surface of the implant, so myself and the prosthesis itself.What else should I keep in mind when a person has very little idea of ​​how to take care of dental implants?Naturally, the implementation of this procedure, you should use high-quality irrigator, which are cleared by the hard to reach areas in the mouth.Among other things, the above device promotes massaging of the gums, thereby improving blood flow.

Features of denture

Currently, through prosthetic dentists return people to fully chew.The question of how to care for prosthetic teeth, now is also relevant to many.Again, it should be emphasized that the cleaning procedure is necessary to exercise twice a day, and this should be done "to sweep" motion directed from the gum to the tooth cutting edge.Brush should choose one that is made of nylon material, and paste should be special.

Features ceramic dental care

To hide a particular defect and restore the natural function of the teeth, today many prefer to use ceramic crowns.Of course, they have a solid structure, but despite this, many are worried about how to care for ceramic teeth.The answer to banality is simple: in the same way as for the natural.The only thing that should be remembered about is that too much is not recommended to load the crowns, avoid chewing on the side where they are not.

Conclusion It is important to monitor the condition of their teeth, and at the slightest suspicion of caries do not be lazy to consult a doctor.Proper oral care - a guarantee of health.