How to paint eyelashes mascara and how to strengthen its action?

eyes - is not only a mirror of the soul and way of perceiving the world, but also the most expressive feature of the female image.Therefore, make-up artists are advised to pay special attention in the make-up of this part of the face.The problem of short or insufficiently thick eyelashes are now easily solved.Modern cosmetics are designed to hide the visible flaws and highlight the natural dignity.But the choice of a suitable ink - it is only the first step on the path to perfect makeup.Despite the apparent ease of use, not everyone knows how to paint eyelashes mascara to achieve the desired effect.The choice and the method of staining depend on the natural eyelash.But there are some universal tips from makeup artists, through which you can learn how to paint eyelashes mascara.

  1. lashes have a natural protective fatty film, produced in subcutaneous sebaceous glands connected to the lash follicles.But no, even the most resistant mascara on fatty hairs will not last long.Therefore, you must first degrease the eyelashes.This can be done with a light alcohol-containing tonic.
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  3. next step in make-up eyelashes - training.In order to lengthen the lashes before applying mascara can be a bit of powder.But there is an easier way to modern, preparing for makeup eyelashes and enhances the action of the carcass - a primer to the lashes.It is a white or translucent means color, consistency resembling cream or gel.The primer is applied with a brush along the entire length of eyelashes, enveloping and sealing them.This tool works in several directions: lengthens, separates lashes and gives them volume.If you curl eyelashes - primer consolidate the effect of bending.After the primer layer is frozen, apply mascara.
  4. Now, after training, we will tell directly how to properly paint eyelashes mascara to fix the resulting effect.Experts advise to apply mascara from the base of the eyelashes fast but careful zigzag movements.To make up looked carefully, you need to paint over each cilium.But do not overdo it with the lower eyelid.Painted a thick layer of lower lashes are visually reduce the eye.If you lengthen the upper lashes in the outer corners of the eyes, it will lengthen the oval eyes and give the effect of cat's-eye.And in order to visually enlarge the eyes and make the eyes open, you must first twist curling lashes, then apply one coat to secure the primer and finally mascara.Photos with a variety of eye make-up can be found on the official websites of make-up artists, which provides greater detail on how to properly paint the lashes mascara.

Eye Makeup, depending on the time of day, varies in intensity and brightness of the coating colors used.For a classic day makeup owners of any eye color to be applied in one coat of mascara.Lengthening in this case would be the most relevant.For evening out, you can experiment with colors.For example, elongated and curled lashes make up coal-black, and the edges of the red ink to shade.