Tensile strength of materials - what is it?

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mechanical properties of the metal or alloy such as hardness, ductility, resistance to deformation, tensile strength or abrasion resistance, - the selection criteria for materials.

Any metal (as well as wood or plastic), which is under the influence of any stress, is not capable of infinite experience.Deformation and fracture occurring under the influence of all kinds of adverse environments and different operating conditions, should be considered in each case individually.For example, adding to the chemical composition of the alloy of an element, a method of processing metal, the presence or absence of a solid chrome coating will variously show themselves to the same material at different operating conditions.

limit for each material is defined as the empirically and using a complex mathematical analysis and testing in the laboratory.Using different methods allows for the most accurate test results.

obtained data together into a single regulatory documents - GOST, OST, and directories used by the calculation and the choice of the necessary material.The resistance of metals and alloys all kinds of deformation and fracture, is determined by a mechanical characteristic, as the tensile strength of steel or cast iron, composite, wood or plastic, affects the reliability and product life.

right choice of material and its rational use are inherently economically justified guarantee safety and durability.In today's industry, all materials must be different optimum characteristics.The tensile strength, fatigue or stress, temporary resistance to bending or compression, torsion or tension must not exceed the permissible norms and requirements.The calculations allowed only a slight deformation.

if the impact load exceeds the allowable tensile strength, the moment the destruction of parts of the machine or structure.Thus, the wrong choice of material contributes not only to the additional costs of the repair or replacement parts or mechanisms, but also the complete destruction of the entire structure.

From time record of mechanical resistance depends on the reliability of the design as a whole, the duration of the operation parts, machinery and equipment.For example, the tensile strength of steel grade 45 in tension or compression, torsion or bending has optimal performance.It is this brand have become the most frequently used for the production of parts and mechanisms that require high strength characteristics.

Steel and iron used in construction, have not yet found a worthy replacement.Thanks to new methods for the preparation of these metals and the use of modern processing of these materials is becoming every year more and more widely.Reliability, durability and optimal tensile strength - excellent operational performance.