Detailed scheme of supply of private homes with accumulator

Accommodation in a country house will be comfortable only if it contains a reliable water supply.You can arrange it in different ways.Most often in private homes and cottages used skvazhennye aqueducts to pump and accumulator.To learn how to gather these systems, and we'll talk later in the article.


The first thing to make drawings of the future pipeline.In carrying out the design, you need to decide:

  • to a supply of water.It can be a well or well.
  • kind of equipment for the system.Driving home with private water accumulator necessarily includes a pump, and sometimes gas column.You also need to choose the appropriate diameter of the pipe.


arrange the supply of water to the house from the usual well - in many cases, the easiest way.At the same time, most likely will not need to involve specialists and order expensive equipment.The depth of the well typically does not exceed 10-15 meters.And so it can dig their own.The disadvantage from such a source, only one - the water is during floods or heavy rains can not be too clean.

even easier to drill in the yard or garden sand well.Excavation work in this case would have to perform a lot less than in the regeneration of the well.The depth of the wells of this type can be 10-45 meters, but generally does not exceed 15.However, this source of supply is available quite serious drawback - not very long service life.Using the well "on the sand" will be no more than eight years.

most expensive and still the most reliable source of water is considered an artesian well.Its lifetime is not particularly limited.The waters in artesian wells is very clean, as occurs at great depths in the limestone layer.In addition, in such sources has another important advantage.The water comes from an artesian well to the surface on their own - under pressure.Therefore, in some cases, heating and water supply of private homes can be equipped even without using the pump.

outer pipe water supply to the house from the well or wells made of metal-plastic or polypropylene pipe, laid on a well or wells are typically in the basement of the house.To start the backbone of the building, make a hole in the foundation.Its sure to thoroughly warm.Otherwise, the water will peremerzat winter.To use a piece of thermal insulation mineral wool inserted into the pipe.

Stack pipe in the trench depth of at least 70 cm. At the bottom of the last first poured sand.Then fit the pipe itself.Dig a trench at a slight angle.This is to prevent stagnation of water in the pipe.


water supply scheme a private home with the accumulator member includes mandatory.Set the pump is usually in the basement.When you select it in the first place should pay attention to the lifting height of the water column.Calculate the required very simple.To this end, to the depth of the borehole or well must be added 30 points.The height to which the pump can lift water indicated on the accompanying data sheet.For example, if the well or the well has a depth of 15 m, the amount of necessary water rise is 15 + 30 = 45 m.

Also, when choosing a pump is necessary to consider this option as its performance.To find out what equipment is suitable for the system best, you need to lay down water consumption of all consumers: sinks, shower, bath, toilet tank, and so on. D. The pump system with a well can be used, including immersion.

need to use accumulator

only with the expansion tank can be arranged reliable independent water supply of private homes.The scheme, which includes the accumulator is different weight advantages.The expansion tank in the water system serves several functions:

  • relieves excess pressure;
  • accumulate water;
  • avoids too frequent switching of the pump, which significantly prolongs the life of the latter;
  • softens hammering in the system;
  • provides operating water pressure in the arteries when the pump is off.

How to choose the accumulator

best option for heating a single-storey, not too big houses is considered an expansion tank of 24 liters.For the scope of the cottage will have to be calculated separately.

pump in domestic systems is not recommended more than once a minute.For houses a large area is usually used models capacity of about 30 l / min.The accumulator is filled only half.Therefore, to ensure uninterrupted water supply of its capacity in this case should be approximately 80-90 liters.

layout of pipes inside the house

Ends water supply system of a private house assembly lines and connecting consumers.Inside the building can be used two schemes wiring pipes:

  • Plain tee.The advantages of this method include especially easy installation.In this case, the pipe is carried along the perimeter of the house.To her using tees join all the consumers.The disadvantage of such a system is considered to be non-uniform pressure.The closest to the hydraulic accumulator valves it will be much larger than in the future.
  • collector.To mount such a system difficult.However, in this case, the pressure at all points in the house will be the same.With this scheme, the wiring in the building set common header, and it has started up from the pipe to each consumer.


In today's market there are several types of equipment designed for the device in the house hot water.Heaters can operate on electricity or gas.The first is easier to install, but the operation is more expensive.Gas models are not cheap, but it is considered more economical.Sometimes the hot water in a private home is made using a two-circuit boiler.

installation of the pump and accumulator

So, what is a scheme of water supply of private homes with accumulator, we found out.Now let's see how to produce their own assembly itself.Begin installation of the water supply system of a private house with the installation of the pump and accumulator:

  • to fence mine water source (about 2/3 of the depth) of the pipe is lowered.By
  • dug a ditch to the well or wells supplied pipe diameter of 10-15 cm. The connection is made through all parts of the fittings, and tees.
  • the other hand is connected to the tube pump of necessary capacity.
  • Underneath set accumulator.To the nozzle expansion tank mounted pressure gauge and pressure switch.When the pump pressure in the accumulator will rise.As soon as the pressure reaches the set point, the relay will disable injection.When using the water pressure of tenants of the house will fall again.This relay switches on the pump again.Some species accumulators are installed in the attic or second floor.In such models, for enabling / disabling the pump meets the float.

layout highways

Then let's get to what is the wiring diagram of the water supply of private homes.In suburban low-rise buildings, as well as in urban apartments, the system is usually harvested using low-cost and yet reliable polypropylene pipes.Wiring is performed in several stages:

  • to a tee, established immediately after the accumulator, the two pipes are connected (via a tee).One subsequently will supply water for household needs.
  • second line is connected to the collector.
  • be posted pipes to each user.

scheme hot water private home includes another highway.Withdrawn from it, and the second pipe is passed through the column or pot.

Terms connect consumers

plumbing fixtures must be placed on the bathroom so that was convenient to use them.The minimum distance between the sink and toilet - 20 cm. Before the bath and washing machine must be at least 70 cm of free space.The toilet is installed in close proximity to the sewer standpipe.The further it will be located, the greater the likelihood of blockages there.Water supply and sewerage system of a private house in compliance with these rules will turn reliable and easy to use.

Consider also need something that, according to SNIP norms, have a bathroom and a toilet above the kitchen or the living quarters of the ground floor is not allowed.

final stage of the water supply scheme

private house with accumulator includes many elements.Once they are connected, be sure to make an inspection of the equipment.For this purpose, the pump.Next is a visual inspection system.Upon detection of leakages or any other problems, remedial works are carried out.It is mandatory also checked operation relay accumulator.


used water in private homes are usually discharged into the septic tank.For all floors installed vertical riser.It connects the loungers, and by him, through siphons - the sink and tub.Street highway connecting the riser to a septic tank is laid at a depth of 70 cm (to avoid freezing of wastewater) at an angle.At its assembly should try to make as few elbows.Otherwise drainage will often clog.For hedging can skip along the outer line electric heating cables.

Water supply and sanitation private homes - the system is not too structurally complex and it can be arranged with their hands.However, reliable, convenient and durable they will receive only if the exact compliance with all provisions technologies.If the owners of the house in their abilities are not sure, of course, it is best to contact the experts.