What is surgical steel?

search of optimal composition of the steel for the production of knives was carried out from the time when people have replaced the flint tools on metal.With the development of medicine, in particular surgery, the question arose particularly acutely.

was needed surgical steel, which can be hard and tough blade.This should keep long blade sharpening, do not be afraid of the effects of water or active chemicals.In addition, the metal used to make knives for operations should not cause allergies.

Over time, such a composition has been found.Today it is known as surgical steel.Its composition except iron and other impurities, comprises 10% nickel, 18% chromium.Products made of this alloy are commonplace.

Today, surgical steel is used to produce:

  • medical instruments;
  • jewelry;
  • hours;
  • dishes;
  • luxury stationery.

What then are the advantages of modern surgical steel?

  1. products derived from it is very dense, substantially free of long homogeneous.Consequently, the tools are easy to disinfect, they can not breed microbes.Any contaminants are removed easily.
  2. steel with chromium and nickel so hard that it is difficult to damage.At the same time, surgical steel is not afraid to shock and scratches: it is not fragile.
  3. alloy is not afraid of active substances, it is not oxidized.
  4. hardness alloy allows to make very thin and sharp blade is long will not grow blunt.
  5. Despite the presence of nickel and chromium, surgical steel nontoxic.

It's her property (lack of toxicity) taken note of jewelry manufacturers.

known that everything people use jewelry.Most Viewed There are rings and earrings, chains, pendants and other jewelry.

Made of gold, silver and platinum, they are very expensive to buy them can not everyone.

Another thing - jewelry, which is used for the manufacture of surgical steel.

products from it have the same properties as the medical instruments: they
durable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, well retain original shape.Surgical steel does not change the type of contact with the skin, it has no fear of sunlight or seawater.

Ring of surgical steel, however, like all other products, is very beautiful.Today is a very fashionable, especially in men, wearing steel jewelry.It has a very presentable, sophisticated, elegant design.Interestingly,
that steel jewelry is popular not only among punks and other youth movements.Solid Japanese, for example, gold wedding ring for a long time preferred to steel.Men steel ring for each day adorn the fingers of some well-known businessmen in the United States, Norway and even in sophisticated France.

Elite men's jewelry made of surgical steel, did not give way to products made of gold and platinum, are becoming increasingly popular.Not the least reason for this is the reasonable prices, exceptional brevity and expressiveness, wide assortment, which is constantly updated master steel jewelry.