What was the West Asia in ancient times?

Oriental studies - so called science that studies the history of the Ancient East.Thus this term is not referred to a geographical area.It is a cultural region, which covers the Asian territory and North Africa, where even now, as in the East, Muslim.However, Western Asia in ancient times was not so, as we see it today.It was quite a different religion, culture, traditions and way of life.We are now a closer look at what was a map of Western Asia in ancient times, were there any custom in vogue and how people lived in those days.

Geographic Boundaries

First, we consider the lands that were in the region of the Ancient East.It is a peninsula of Asia Minor, where now is Turkey, the Eastern Mediterranean, Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), the Sinai Peninsula, the Nile Valley.Sometimes the map of Western Asia in ancient times, also includes the territory of modern Iran, which at that time was one of the world's centers of development.However, from a geographical point of view, these objects belong to the central part of the continent, and the culture of the time they are much different from all the others above.Over the years, these boundaries expanded in the direction of West Africa, and the north and south with respect to the Middle East.Culture distribute and assimilated with the northern peoples.

periodization and chronology

History of West Asia has its origins in 3100 BC.e., when formed early dynastic period in Egypt.Initially, the country was divided into North and South, Lower and Upper Egypt, and its settlement (cities could not call them) are located exclusively in the Nile Valley.In 3060 he first came to power (which is listed in the documentation before it, of course, there were other rulers) Pharaoh - Mina, or Menes.He united all the peoples and territories, and began to publish a reform which subordinates every resident of his possessions.

second greatest civilizations of the Middle East - is the Sumerians and the Akkadians, who lived in Mesopotamia.Their chronology begins a little later - in 2900 BC.e.People living here like in Egypt - on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.A characteristic feature of the local residents had their race.Sumerians - the people, which is now thought to be extinct.They were small stature, stocky build.Akkadians also considered the ancestors of modern Arabs - tall, slender, dark-skinned.These tribes on their land for a long time lived as if in isolation, but in the 21st century BC.e.they are united in the Sumerian-Akkadian kingdom under the rule of the first king - Urukagina.

Egypt and its development path

After coming to power, the first pharaoh mines in the country to establish a single system of government administrative structure and boundaries.Since it also begins dynasty that lasted until the early decades of the new era.A characteristic feature of ancient Egypt were building the pyramids, which were coffins for deceased pharaohs.It should also be noted that Western Asia in ancient times was a pagan region, and this country is no exception.The Egyptians worshiped natural phenomena, animals and their rulers.Also important is the fact that Egypt was the only country in the region that has been united, and all the settlements subordinated to the central government.

Mesopotamia and its features

Western Asia in ancient times often we associate it with the region of Mesopotamia, where now lie the fragments of Babylon and Nineveh.Unlike centralized Egypt, then dominated by the city-state.Some of them are united in a sort of country, but in the early periods of the total power was not there.In terms of the development of the peoples of western Asia, who lived in Mesopotamia, greatly stepped forward.They used a system of irrigation for the housekeeping, they were public fields, farms, and even the army.The appearance of the latter contributed to the permanent confrontation that existed between the Sumerians and the Akkadians.After the Sumerian-Akkadian kingdom disintegrated, Mesopotamia was divided into two areas: to the south there was a kingdom of Babylon, in the north - Assyria.These major civilization still a problem of eternal controversy and mystery to historians.

Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean

little later than Egypt and Mesopotamia, began to develop the city-state, which is located on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.With regard to Anatolia (Turkey) then formed the Hittite kingdom - united and strong state, which has been in tight relations with North Africa, and Mesopotamia.West Asia in ancient times led constant war with these nations opposed to each other.Due to the constant acquisition of territory, people were assimilated.After centuries of forced migration formed the Afro-Asiatic racial family, which is known to us today.It consists mainly Arabs who occupy the same region of the Middle East that includes the geographical area in West Asia and North Africa.