How to install the APK on Android - guide

In this article, we will consider the answer to the question: "How to install the APK Android?ยป This data Interests, as a rule, people who have recently purchased their first smartphone.Then I'll tell you what the APK, how to install the APK on Android and how to avoid potential problems.


First you need to understand what agribusiness.APK - a format of applications that are installed on the phones with the platform "Android".That is, if you see a file having such an extension, then surely you will be able to install it on your phone.To install the APK on Android, you can use several methods, which we continue to Pohorje.These files are created using a special programming language.If you learn it, you will be able to create applications for smartphones platform "Android".But it is worth saying that the study will take you far from one week.

first method

How to install the APK for Android using the service Google Play.The company "Google" kindly offers to its users a special portal, where the majority of applications for "Android".This service allows us to quickly and easily install APK files on your phone.Just add the mail account of Gmail on your phone.And to go with this account via the browser of your computer.In a special separate menu to the right in the Google Play site you will find a list of devices.The portal has a special navigation bar and "Search", through which you can easily find the application you are interested in.As soon as you will make choices, the file will be established after some time on the phone.The smartphone must be switched on and online background.You can also do without the computer.And download the application directly from your phone.To do this, use the application Play Market or "Market" (earlier).Typically, this program is always built into the firmware of the phone.

second method

How to install the APK for Android without the Internet.Let's say you already have on your computer the correct APK file.You just need to move it to the flash memory of your phone.This can be done by various means.For example: through USB-cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi network, and so on. D. The easiest way to use a cord that usually comes with the phone.Connect one end of the cable to the PC, and the other to the smartphone.The phone need to enable USB-drive.You will also need to install the correct driver on your computer.

more information

installer APK file for Android, you can download on the Internet from any accessible portals.Only it should be noted that the system "Android" is unfriendly to install applications that are not downloaded through the service Google Play.Therefore, before installing the APK you need to go to settings, select "Applications" and tick "Unknown Sources".So you allow your smartphone to install the files.

Conclusion If you've recently bought my first smartphone "Android", you certainly are in a confused condition slightly.Since this system is quite different from ordinary phones.But do not worry much.Indeed, over time you will learn to use all the features of your phone.The main thing - do not hesitate to ask your questions and more, read these articles.