What is a literary text

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at lessons of Russian language and literature often have to deal with such a concept, as a literary text.But what is it?What are its main features, and whether any text can be considered art?Let's try to answer these questions together.

So, in simple terms, the literary text - a text written by a man, and showing its relationship to a particular phenomenon or to the world.

For example, this can be considered as any story, a poem, a novel or a Poem.Quite often, when we hear the definition of "literary text", we are reminded of Pushkin, Chekhov, Lermontov and other classics of Russian literature.

But what are its characteristics?What distinguishes it from other texts?Firstly, it relates to the artistic style.It follows a number of the following features.

literary text is rich in epithets, metaphors, similes.It is based on these tools, the image of a thing referred to in the product.Each author these tools on your own.It is thanks to them you can find out who wrote a particular product.

In addition, artistic text, first of all, emotional.It not only conveys the emotions of its creator, but also causes them to the reader.Quite often in the work of various descriptions are used to convey the mood of the author.

The text expresses a fantasy writer, his ability to submit certain information, feelings and sensations that can not be seen in a dry non-artistic text, for example, in a scientific paper or business document, whether as a statement or receipt autobiography.

worth noting that the artistic text is also inherent in the category of integrity.That is, all the elements are closely linked and form a single integral structure.In addition, he has the idea and the main idea.Quite often it is impossible to throw out of it, even one sentence.In this case, lost internal communications between its parts.

What else to say about the literary text?Perhaps the fact that he always addressed to someone else, and has some information.However, it is worth noting one important point.Quite often, such information may be perceptual distortion.The reason may be the lack of a specific life experience of the reader, the presence of another point of view, and other factors.

analysis of literary text deals with a science like style.A lot of attention to him, and literary criticism.Through stylistic and literary analysis can more accurately understand what it wanted to convey to the reader the author why he used those or other linguistic resources and that, in fact, prompted him to write this or that text.

So, we understand that a literary text.The definition can be deduced from the above says that it is - a complex, multi-faceted structure of the text, which displays the artist's vision of the world and is directed to the reader.