We teach children English

best way to learn English for kids is communication with the carrier.We should give preference to studies in small groups of no more than four people, which made the selection of an experienced teacher manuals, depending on what entry-level trainees.


Naturally, once it comes to the teacher by a native speaker, they selected only those textbooks that are published in the US or the UK.The most popular publishing houses are:

     Cambrige  Macmillan  Oxford  MM  Pearson-Longman.

In accordance with the manuals, published under the auspices of the listed publishers prepared a program where English is taught to children in Chelyabinsk.As part of the curriculum provided for the study of all language levels, from vocabulary to grammar and phonetics ending.

Initially, children are taught speaking, dip, which implies communication in English only.Following this, children learn reading and writing, beginning with the reading of certain phrases and ending suggestions.Naturally all the classes are organized in a game format, with additional colorful materials, video and audio courses, along with multimedia features such as animations and games.Implies acceptance of students directly involved in the creative tasks, implying tabulation schemes, writing stories with poems.

forms of learning the basic forms of teaching and we start with a morning meeting, children - Meeting.Be sure to sing songs in English, the children sing along and learn them, so, at the same time help change a child, communicating it again in the target language.Another form of training is to conduct charging - Morning Exercises.It is held in English and accompanied by cheerful songs, kids are taught self-holding charge using only foreign language.Shape Circle, it is a circle, after breakfast, the children sit in a circle and share their impressions of the events during their absence.

Initially, they sing a welcome song, and ate it, get used to the reactions to standardized simple phrases related to their health, mood, season and weather.The basic form is Classes - classes that are thought out down to the minute, and the construction of the training is based on the author's programs, such as English Start or, for example, English Success.All forms of training are combined in one learning process.