What is the form of the word.

To understand what form of words or word form, look at a small example using different sentences of the same word "window". On the veranda of the house was a large window.Tree window to be seen.I went to the window.He sees a window every day.Someone's silhouette was visible through the window.I realized that it was a small window in the attic. All six linguistic unit offers a "window" found in different case forms.The word is used in the singular.Edit in the same sentences singular to the plural, we get six more word forms: window (Ip), windows (RP), windows (dissociative attachment), windows (VP) windows (T. n.) windows (pp).As a result, we have an example of 12 grammatical changes lexical unit reporting system of its word forms.Thus, the form of the word - it is a modification in the conjugation (verb) or decline (as in the example of a noun box).The set of all word forms is a paradigm.

word forms and significance of words

to determine what form of words in terms of relating to the importance of words, to identify a number of word forms:

green, greenish, greenish. have all of the words have a significant portion of the total: greenish. quite specific value and indicates the incomplete qualitative characteristics, that is a little green.Other significant parts are suffixes -ovat- (value of the characteristic feature), ending th (points to her husband. Genus), end Star (wives. Genus), - s e (plural ending).Divide further important part is impossible, since the basic meaning is lost.Hence, the minimum significant component of the word - zelenovat- , which is a morph of the token.Word forms may consist of one morph, for example: here on suddenly .

word forms as duplex unit

to examine the inner form of the word, determine what form of the word as a bilateral one.The outer side - that is what defines wordform external formal features.For example, the phenomenon of homonyms: paper (documents) and paper (RP).When a similar sound internal form different words.There's also a variation of this word, which in the internal unity there is an external difference, such as in the word: me / I;often / sometimes etc.

trends in keyword

Today, the question of what form of words is very relevant in terms of the trends with keywords when writing seo-texts.After all, the promotion of a site search is used, taking into account the word forms of keywords.Recently, there is a tendency in addition to direct application of occurrences (ie, keywords, unchanged) and modified keywords, ie word forms.It is, as you may guess, about Encore, which lead to internal or external links.Some customers want to include in the anchor any word (of course, being in semantic context).In addition, there is a tendency of "migration" from simple keywords indicate which keywords are needed before specific explanation as to prescribe them.Emerging trends increase flexibility, naturalness, and hence, the quality of the text.