How to make up beautifully at home

in creating the image of any woman's make-up plays a major role.Cosmetic products can hide facial imperfections and highlight its beauty.That is why the question of how to make up beautifully, standing in front of any girl.

First of all, we should remember that before going to bed and applying makeup face requires moisture.This is the key to elasticity and youthful skin as well as necessary for easier imposition of cosmetics.Makeup should be applied using a clean mirror in the room with good lighting.Otherwise, you can simply overlook its flaws.

When applying mascara on the lashes should be remembered that the effect of volume and length is achieved by uniform staining of roots.Therefore, starting to make-up, it should hold a brush gently from left to right.Next, the rotational movement along the lashes.After applying mascara should be removed from her hair clumps.To do this, use special brushes.

When deciding how to make up beautifully, is a rational approach to the application of eyeliner or eyeliner.Too fat band looks unnatural.In addition, carefully draw the eye can not every woman.Here, the necessary experience and patience.In the case where a smooth, perfect application line does not work, it is better simply to refuse the application of eyeliner.

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requires special skills and the choice of foundation.In that case, if the skin is oily, it is best to acquire liquid powder.It will be aligned and matt surface.When there are various types of skin roughness and spots suitable compact powder which is applied a layer of greater thickness.The basis for the make-up must comply with a healthier complexion.Foundation or powder is not applied to the eye area.There used lightening cream.It will also hide wrinkles on the forehead and around the nose, the wrinkles around the lips.With it visually changes the value of the eyes and the distance between them, optically lengthens and structured face.

How nice to make up blush?This question most frequently concerned girls who are just starting to use cosmetics.Blush applied to the protruding part of the cheek to determine where you just need to smile in front of a mirror.Applying blush is made on the lines of those found on any area that is below using a special brush.

How nice to make up lipstick to complete the image?First of all, with the help of a cream moisten lips.When choosing a lipstick try to avoid the scarlet, red and burgundy.Preferring pink.After applying lipstick matte should wet his lips with the help of paper towel and cover them with clear gloss.

learn the secrets of eye makeup, you can become a real fairy.Experts draw on this issue special attention.Not surprising!After all, how are made up of a woman's eyes, it depends on the perception of the public.The most important thing in this issue is the application of straight lines, the right combination of colors and careful shading shadows.When applying makeup to the eye should not forget about his objective.If it is daytime, then there should be nothing superfluous, only simplicity and ease.

matte shades of brown can tint eyebrows.They will thus look neat and natural.If you do not know how to make up beautiful eyebrows, you should seek advice from a professional makeup artist.It should be remembered that one continuous line should not draw them.Besides eyebrows should not be too wide or too thin.

are going to apply cosmetics, remember that makeup should be given special attention.Then your appearance is always on top!