Extra - virgin - virgin olive oil of the best quality

<div> <div id="article_body" itemprop="articleBody"> <p> Olive oil is becoming increasingly popular.It is used in medicine, cosmetics and cooking.It has a specific smell and taste with a light, barely perceptible bitterness.To understand the diversity of the product is not easy.Especially when you consider that for some it is exotic.Extra virgin - olive oil, which is considered the best.How to choose and use it, cover in this article.</p> <p> </p> <h2> Origin oil </h2> <p> history of this product is not too short.Olive trees were grown around 6000 years ago.They were considered sacred.Only 2,500 years ago, people began to produce oil, which is considered one of the most useful.He was called liquid gold, and used it as currency.Owning these medicinal products increase the status of a person and considered a luxury.Olive trees began to spread around the world.However, this olive oil Extra virgin, which is produced in its historic homeland, are not found anywhere else.Even today, the best product made in the Mediterranean region.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> </div> <h2> Properties oil </h2> <p> healing properties of olive oil are due to its unique composition.Firstly, it palmitic, oleic and linoleic acid.Their usefulness to the body, however.Omega-7, 9 and 6 - are valuable nutrients.<div><center> <script async src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script> <!-- tipings --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:336px;height:280px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-4235477045164216" data-ad-slot="4216162687"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </center></div></p> <p> </p> <p> Secondly, it is composed of vitamins, all known groups.This set defines all the useful properties of this product.Just one small spoon of oil a day reduces cholesterol, improves blood circulation, boosts immunity, strengthens bone and muscle tissue, stabilizing the liver and stomach and prevents the occurrence of cancer.That is why it is useful to olive oil Extra virgin.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> </div> <h2> Species </h2> <p> oil Olive oil, like any other product, subdivided into species that depend on the manufacturing technology.Extra virgin - olive oil, which is considered the best.It is obtained by cold pressing.Produce it from the choice of raw materials.The first spin indicates that this product incorporates all the benefits of olives.The acidity of the oil is less than 0.8 percent.</p> <p> Get Extra virgin - olive oil - mechanically.When not used biological and chemical additives.On this depends the quality of the product, which is the highest.The oil has a perfect taste and aroma.</p> <p> The following product is first class Virgin Olive Oil.It is also produced by cold pressing, but the oil is of a lower quality.And finally, the lowest grade - Pure Olive Oil - the stores it is the most common.It includes one of the highest grade of oil and two parts of the product, which was clarified by chemical means.In the homeland of olive oil production in Greece this variety are generally prohibited.</p> <h2> How to choose oil </h2> <p> Of course, it is best to choose olive oil Extra virgin, reviews of which speak for themselves.The quality of the product is marked as users and experts.But finding now Extra virgin olive oil of the highest grade in the stores is difficult.Therefore it is necessary to know some subtleties to choose a truly useful product.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> <div id="yandex_ad_R-70350-2"> </div> </div> <p> </p> <p> Firstly, you should very carefully examine the label.High-quality oil should be bottled in the same place and produced.In this case, the label will include the letters DOP.If it is the abbreviation IGP, the doubts about the genuineness of olive oil.This means that the olives have been collected in one country, but the production was carried out elsewhere and not controlled by a raw material supplier.The label must contain the data as a producer and a firm engaged in the spill.It is sure to be the date of production.This corresponds to all requirements, such as olive oil Borges Extra virgin.This manufacturer has established itself with the best hand.If the label states the word MIX, the quality of the product remains a big question.Most likely, this is only a semblance of olive oil.It is necessary to choose a product, where it is stated "Naturel".Olive oil is bottled only in glass and dark bottle.</p> <h2> whether or not refined </h2> <p> </p> <p> Olive oil is divided into refined and unrefined.The first type of lower quality.At its production using additional chemical treatment.This product has no smell or taste.Usually it is used for frying.Uses This product is small, but the damage to the body, it will not bring in any amount.Extra virgin olive oil is unrefined considered more valuable product.It has a pleasant aroma and distinct taste.This oil was more suitable for use in crude form.When heated, it begins to burn and smoke.There is a mixed grade, which is something in between the two.</p> <h2> Storage oil </h2> <p> Buying oil Extra virgin, you must take care of him properly stored.Pay attention to the expiration date.Oil retains its useful properties for 18 months.It is believed that the younger the product, the better it is.Store olive oil in a dark place.You can not put it next to a refrigerator or stove.Storage temperature is 10-15 degrees.</p> <p> Light oil does not like.No wonder the high-quality varieties of bottled only in bottles of dark glass.Strong and pungent smells, too bad this product.The lid of the bottle should be kept tightly closed.In the fridge there is no need to put oil.Do not buy this product in store.The best olive oil - young, with little shelf life.</p> </div> </div>