Trader - who is it?

Occupation trader has been actively gaining wide popularity.For this reason, it can be considered a specialty of the XXI century.Have the computer, permanent access to the Internet and little capital - everything must be a trader.Who is it and what are the risks profession - try to understand this article.Who is


This speculator who works in the securities market.Its main task - to get the maximum profit from their resale.Thus, the trader is interested to buy them cheaply and sell as expensive as possible.

Trading securities considered to be very lucrative.With proper management, in some cases it is possible to earn 100% of the value of transactions.

Pros profession

  1. trader can be a person, everyone, regardless of education and social status.To acquire the necessary knowledge and skills important enough to pass a training course in a special program - trading terminal.It is through her made all transactions traders.Complete this step is very important to gain the skills to trade and management of financial instruments.
  2. Free schedule.Work in the terminal at any time.No time limit exists.
  3. You can work in any place where there is Internet.The workplace is not tied to the office, so the trader can move freely and plan your day.
  4. unlimited profits.The amount of income depends on the trader's experience, knowledge and skills to navigate the different situations in the financial market.
  5. self-manager.Market is open to all traders and participants independently transact and do not obey anyone.In treydrov no officer or any controller that would affect their salaries and limited action.But to succeed only on their own, should be able to take rapid decisions and to calculate all the moves.It is people with such thinking is easy to move and make more money.

Costs profession

At first glance, it seems that every trader in the financial markets makes a lot of money buying expensive cars and luxury homes.Indeed, some speculators were able to achieve good financial results, but this is the best traders who know the value of the fall and the defeat and went hard way before they reached certain skills.

big mistake many beginners - the desire to make a lot at once.It is virtually impossible because Exchange Traders is a rather complicated system that requires considerable experience and practice.And the first earnings often gets a great price: nervous breakdowns, depression, sleepless nights, a sense of hopelessness, gripe relatives and friends.

Some financiers believe treyderstvo art to trade.Intuition, a developed sense of risk, the ability to stop in time - the main features that should have a real trader.Who is it really possible to learn only from personal experience.In any case, we must remember that treyderstvo - just a way of earning money.So do not relate to trade in securities as something special, even their health and loved ones.


Types There are several types of financial speculators:

  1. trader single - he's learning to buy and sell securities on personal experience without any exercises and training on the part.Important knowledge and skills he gains from their mistakes.
  2. Rookie Trader - before the start of his career, he attends special courses and reading financial books.Such a speculator tries to actively communicate with experienced traders to bring himself to a key success formula money.
  3. traders working in financial company (prop trading), - he gets to traders companies, banks, investment funds, which are actively involved in trading securities.Depending on the terms of the deal, a trader will earn its capital or a percentage of the proceeds.

Trader single

This path is ideal for those who do not like to limit their freedom.Usually traders householder become independent, focused and stubborn people.

main features of this way:

  • complete self - somewhere something worshiped, saw and heard;
  • complex practice, which does not always lead to profits - are often loners run around and make the same mistakes without realizing what they have miscalculated.

As a rule, a speculator starting to earn first money after a long training.He goes to a stable level of profits and grows to the level of a professional trader.If he will continue to work in the same spirit, will open in front of him a great opportunity: an increase in equity, to attract new investors or the opening of a private trading companies.

Unfortunately, this kind of treyderstva has negative points.Firstly, you can read all kinds of books, try all possible financial strategy, but did not learn how to trade profitably.Second, the novice will need to spend some time before he will make a real trader.Who does not stand this test, often prematurely throwing business.

Trader Rookie

mainly known brokerage and trading companies have offered to pass training courses in order to attract new clients and earn extra money.Typically, surface learning is free and serves enticing trick for beginners.More advanced courses already paid and are not cheap.As a rule, they conducted successful traders who have created their own style of trade and have developed a strategy of successful speculation.

Some beginners use publicly available information from the Internet or brochures.But they are not yet able to discern what information valuable, and what - a useless character set.For this reason, reliable attend good courses, the main advantages are:

  1. Systematic - the trainings teach only verified information that is presented in a concise and orderly manner.
  2. practice.Training takes place in real trading, during which every student can find themselves in the role of speculators and to try to make money.
  3. Teachers share common mistakes that should be avoided.The unfortunate experience of other traders afford to protect themselves from possible failures and significantly save money, contributing to rapid approach to profitable trading.
  4. new contacts and acquaintances.Most courses can be found like-minded people with whom you can consult and obtain the necessary support.Even after completion of training is always allowed to turn to teachers for advice.

possible negative aspects of education - poor choice of courses so nothing and will not teach;the desire to learn different workshops, bringing in the head of mixed different information;student is not able to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

Prop Trading

There are big trading companies that teach new traders and give them the capital that they conduct transactions in the financial market.All employees of the organization are the main source of its profits.Other income of the company: training courses, exchange commissions and monthly fee for the use of the terminal.

The main advantages of this type are treyderstva quality education, effective risk management within the company, the active support and advice at all times during operation.If a trader works well, soon he will get good dividends.But in the case of loss-making transactions the company will not cherish such an employee and, most likely, he was fired.

starting capital

sum starting capital depends on the desired profit and risk appetite.Traders to enter the market, it is desirable with little money.As you gain a positive experience, you can increase the amount of capital invested.Each newcomer is important to remember that to lose all the money invested is not possible.In the case of a failed transaction, he will suffer a minor loss.The fact that the share value never falls to zero, but only can vary slightly.It was on such fluctuations and tries to make a profit every trader.Who is mastered, he is able to achieve great results.