How to choose a foundation and to avoid mistakes?

All women, regardless of age, dream of a healthy, perfectly smooth skin.But unfortunately, not all of the fairer sex nature has endowed such a generous gift.Therefore, ladies cosmetic use different means to achieve the desired effect.

modern tonal resources, developed with the latest technology, to create real miracles in disguise various flaws or blemishes.Sometimes they are able to retouch quite significant swelling, acne (acne consequences) better "Photoshop".But everyone knows how to choose the foundation, ideally suited their skin?

Previously, when these funds could only "get" cream bought on the principle of "about fit."In this case, I took into account only its color.Fortunately, cosmetic products are presented on the shelves of stores in such volume that there is another problem - how to choose a foundation?

moisturizing, lifting, anti-acne, matting - for such subgroups are divided into tonal resources.To achieve the perfect person relief, you must choose the right tool for your skin type.

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oily and combination needs a foundation containing absorbents, seboreguliruyuschie components that will regulate sebum, get rid of greasy, it does not peresushat pokrovy.Zhirnaya skin categorically rejects the dense texture of creams, which lay down a thick layer and createthe effect of the mask.It is better to give preference cream powder.To correct minor flaws, use masking pencil.Most popular Max Factor Colour Adapt.

How to choose a foundation that is suitable for dry skin?After all, it always requires careful maintenance and additional moisture.This is especially important in the summer when the sun mercilessly takes away valuable moisture from the dermis.In this case, you will be tonal masking agents and with moisturizing active ingredients that retain moisture in the skin.These may be additives from extracts of aloe, hyaluronic acid.

important presence in creams for dry skin oils that saturate covers proteins and vitamins, will help to achieve elasticity and softness.The most commonly used grape seed oil, coconut, avocado.For dry skin are ideal modern BB creams.They have a beneficial effect in several directions - moisturize, give smoothness, protect against harmful radiation.It meets all the requirements, for example, Clinique Supermoisture Makeup.

Women often ask about how to choose foundation for mature skin.In this case, it is necessary to seek funds from the lifting effect.They include moisturizers and antioxidants that not only mask the signs of aging, but also moisturize.They improve the synthesis of collagen, level the surface coverings.And it certainly, Flexilift Teint Vichy.

important to know how to choose the foundation skin color.Any makeup artist will tell you that the foundation should not fully match your skin color.To choice was correct, apply the cream on a small part of the lower part of cheekbones - it should not be allocated to create sharp edges.

How to choose a foundation for daytime or evening use, and whether there are differences between them?For daytime use of suitable matting texture, and for an evening out, you can use foundation with shimmering particles.