Sinai visa - free entry to Egypt

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Going on holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt), you carefully count their future spending: $ 100 - excursions and entertainment, $ 15 - visa, $ 50 - shopping and souvenirs ... Stop!Did you know that you can save these notorious dollars?Trifle, of course, but it is better to spend it on something else, and not a simple mark in the passport.How to do it?The secret is called "Sinai visa."

However, our tourists - people are not idle, and therefore they will not hurt a bit of legal information.Let's start with the fact that this free version of the entry to the territory of Egypt was made possible as a result of the Camp David peace agreement signed after the war in 1978.According to the State of Israel was obliged to transfer to Egypt - the rightful owner - before it captured the south of the Sinai Peninsula.However, during the occupation, Israel has built on the local Red Sea coast many hotels (in fact, the very resort of Sharm el-Sheikh has grown from investments northern neighbor), airports, improved infrastructure.And because the transfer of territories that State counted on some compensation money.Thus, the political decision directly affected the tourism: it was decided that the Israelis are free to enter the territory of the peninsula and stay there for 15 days.Thus was invented the Sinai visa.

At first she was put Israeli citizens only, but from 1982 to the Camp David Accords were adopted amendments.Under the new regulations, the Sinai permit stamped all foreign tourists arriving in Egypt for up to 15 days via the airport of Sharm el-Sheikh, St. Catherine and Taba, Nuweiba seaport and land PPC Taba.Notwithstanding that tourists should just say they do not intend to leave the South Sinai and go beyond it.

So, let's determine whether we Sinai visa.If you plan an entire vacation to lie down on the sand beach, swim in the warm sea and relaxing in the hotel with "all inclusive", as well as entertainment centers in Sharm el-Sheikh and the surrounding area - this option is for you.And even if you plan to visit Mount Moses, St. Catherine's Monastery, Nuweiba, Dahab and even Israel and Jordan - you can do it with a stamp in the passport of the Sinai.And even in the coral nature reserve of Ras Mohammed you leave - but only by sea.But either Cairo or Luxor or Alexandria you to visit this document will not be possible.Sinai Hurghada visa is not issued, but before the vacationers at this resort is great potential to travel with tours though the whole country.

Now consider what to do to get this free stamp.When you step off the plane, you give the form of the migration card.It must fill in: your full name, date of birth, your country of nationality, the hotel, which are going to relax.And on the reverse side of the form to write: SINAI ONLY (ONLY Sina).With the card you filled with pride shestvuete past the booths that sell visas directly to the border guards.Puts passport, migration card and say, "pliz put se Sinai Stamp" (please put a stamp).Earlier, there were occasions when guards tried - illegally - to force the tourists to buy a visa.It was said that supposedly only the Israelis or only put in Taba Sinai visa.2013, however, marked a turning point: after the revolution, when the flow of tourists into the country a bit impoverished government was somewhat more loyal to those who come here for "free".