How to draw Flatershay from the series My Little Pony

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Flatershay - one of the heroines of the famous series My Little Pony, who won many hearts of children and adults.Lovely ponyashki inspire the creators of computer games, comics, toys and carnival costumes.They did not remain without attention of artists.And we will try to figure out how to draw Flatershay - citric Pegasus pony with soft curls purple mane.A painted horse to get the most similar to the prototype of the cartoon, paying attention to its history, nature and legends.

a character

Flatershay name literally means "to tremble embarrassment."Skromnyazhka pony is consistent with the selected name: Flatten modest and shy.She loves the peace and quiet, never gets involved in the conflict.Vindictive, vengeful, cunning - it is certainly not about her!

Appearance Flatershay

Before you draw a pony Flatershay, step by step look at her appearance.Each horse show its own unique skintone (skin tone).Flato is pale yellow skin.Like her friends, she had big naive eyes and pug nose.One of the features of the character is a long mane of pale lilac shade and a tail.Cereals Flatershay have kyutimark - a distinctive sign - three purple butterfly.

legend and history

Flatow was born and raised in Klaudsdeyle.As a child, he teased her because of fear of flying.Perhaps this was the reason for her shyness.But do not think that the yellow pegasus so harmless.In the series more than once there were moments when Hurler Flato until recently was on the attack and alone and deal with enemies.Then something foloverov and learned that their favorite amazingly strong, both physically and mentally.Through this inner strength she won her fears and is now flying as her girlfriend.Permanent work Flatershay not.Its mission - to care for animals, help the weak.I must say she is good at Flattach and talents are always in demand.She is one of the few ponies, about whose family do not know anything.Her family does not appear in the series once.

Draw Flatershay

Before figuring out how to draw Flatershay, identify the materials.It is best to portray the character in a bright color.Coloring ideal gel pens, markers, crayons, gouache or regular crayons.In addition, it is sure to come in handy in a simple soft pencil and a good eraser.A very useful image of the heroine.

how to draw step by step Flatershay

prepare everything necessary and carefully arranged in the workplace.Further work will be as follows.

  1. first do the layout.Press hard with the pen is not necessary - these lines we still have to be removed from the finished drawing.Flatten head at a tidy and oval body.Its proportions are far from the proportions of this horse, the body and head almost the same size.
  2. Most of the faces takes the eye.It expresses the whole nature of the character, which we examined in detail before the draw Flatershay.Kindness, naive, shy - this is what should happen.Toward the back of the head draw soft ear.
  3. Add mane, the tip of which is twisted.Start drawing the legs.I must say that the characters of the series My Little Pony have no sharp horses' hooves.Their feet are more like soft paws.Drawing the wings - still Flatershay not just ponyasha and real pegasus.
  4. drawn hind legs and tail also curled at the tip.Cereals draw butterflies.Remove the eraser auxiliary lines.It should turn easily, because before there how to draw Flatershay, we decided to do the layout without strong pressure on the pencil.

5. Figure ready!You can start coloring.