Disabled 1 group.

disabilities in our country for some reason considered to be a miserable people either completely incompetent.Therefore, the attitude towards them in two ways: with sympathy or pity.But we must not forget that they are, above all, citizens, and therefore have the same sama rights as other Russians.

Disability Rights Group 1:

- the abolition of the property tax;However, in some regions of Russia it operates only 50 per cent discount;

- Group 1 disabled person who can not move about freely, can use the services of a social worker;it needs to submit an application;

- pension, the amount of which is determined in accordance with the requirements of legislation.Pension subsidized and depends on the size of the state social budget;

- discounted travel on all modes of transport on the territory of the Russian Federation;it is assumed that a disabled person 1 just might go to free treatment in a suitable resort to it;

- reduced fare on the municipal transport in social coupon;

- the presence of a 50-percent discount on the transportation tax, provided that the property is in the car, whose engine power does not exceed 150 hp .;

- the purchase of medicines on a free basis;Medications are issued exclusively by prescription of the attending physician in accordance with the results of outpatient examination.According to a disabled group 1 may receive compensation for the purchase of medicines in accordance with the budget allocated to individual social;

- families in which people with disabilities live, claim to obtain additional unplanned housing in the manner prescribed by law;however, note that the invalid of 1 group itself does not have such a right.The exemption applies only in cases where cohabitation is considered to be problematic;

- provide 50 percent discount on all types of housing and communal services.

- free admission to any university in the non-competitive basis;thus invalid of 1 group regularly receives owed him a scholarship.

- in the case of solving the problems of inheritance has a priority right to its receipt;

- labor law prohibits the display of all types of discrimination;reduction and the reduction of wages in comparison with other workers prosecuted by law.Disabled people are working on the same financial basis as "normal" employees.

custody of a disabled group 1 is made in such a way.First, gather all the necessary information: the judgment of incapacity;Added to this is the full medical report.Furthermore - copies of passports invalid and the potential guardian, TIN;Information about the place of residence (permanent residence, certificate from the social services of the amount of income pension (for the disabled) and work (for the carer), to which is attached a psychological characteristic, the original documents to the property, recorded on both sides. After that the examination of the futureresidence. The last - drawing atobiografii guardian. Once all these documents have been collected, the guardianship appointed legal guardian. The only thing that would need - to prove the existence of their own health, as well as to provide monthly financial reports on the costs of the ward.