Spiritual practices of the East.

Everyone is committed to a stable, prosperous life, good relations in the family and society, opportunities to realize their talents, abilities and needs.Enlightened, the harmony with the world and with them grasp the mysteries of the universe, a state of peace and happiness, wisdom - those distant horizons, which we wish to achieve by passing their earthly journey.We have a huge help in the various spiritual practices.Notable among them are the Eastern religions - Hinduism and Buddhism.

What is the mantra

Every religion has its own deities, prophets, saints, and certain forms of rituals appeal to them - for help, consolation, support and advice.Mantra - is something like a prayer to which we are accustomed in Christianity and Islam.However, special prayers.If the Orthodox and Catholic texts, as well as Islamic, essential meaning of every word, every image, spoken praying, the mantra operate somewhat differently.Turning to God or Mother of God, we recite a canonical text, built a century ago, or pray from the heart and soul, as it turns out, splashing out the pain in their own words.Here the emphasis is unimportant, especially phonetic pronunciation, literacy constructing sentences.What is important is mental attitude and sincerity of the believer.Mantra - is also a prayer, or rather a hymn-prayer to one of the Buddhist or Hindu deities.But there are rules other than our usual religions.The mantra is necessary to observe the correct sound envelope of each word and that special rhythm, in which they give away.That power of sound, musicality such prayers are helping people to tune in the desired fashion, to enter the state when the soul is ready to communicate with the Supreme Spirit, the forces of nature, of the universe.No wonder stresses that mantra - a hymn, ieanthem, glorifying God in its various incarnations.Each sound has its own mantras sacred meaning.They do not just give away - they sing, and each of these has its own hymn melody, intonation, even tone.Both the bell ringing in evangelism in all its bells party, its tone and in every prayer Mantric own musical tone.Thus, we can say that a mantra - a tuning fork, you can customize the power of man in harmony with the energy of the Higher Worlds and Spheres which govern our lives, impacting positively on it.

What do the mantra

In the East, propevaya mantra, man gradually sinks into a state of enlightenment, nirvana.Knowledgeable people, they are used by the monks for meditation, spiritual cleansing and development.Europeans, ierepresentatives of the different mentality, a different culture, the hymns are interesting from a practical point of view - to change for the better self, and environmental quality of life.There is, for example, the mantra of wealth.They contribute to raising money, strengthen the material side of life, the preservation and enhancement of wealth.These hymns provide financial prosperity, permanent income, success in business.There is a mantra in charge of health - physical and mental.There are songs that attract love, to establish a harmonious relationship between relatives - parents and children, men and women.There mantra desire - it sing when it is necessary to thin levels of influence reality and transform it according to our needs and urgent goals.Desires can be different: someone is lonely and tired of it, someone fatally unlucky in life, someone does not add up those or other relations.Like a life preserver, appropriate chants help to swim to the surface of the created problems dragged the events and the people that make the problem be solved in the best way.

How to work with sacred hymns

work with mantras - the whole science and art at the same time.It requires deeply immersed in "material", the ability to turn away for a while from all that is being done there.Just focus on the moment, saying as accurately and correctly the words of sacred songs of rhythm and tempo, you can achieve real results.Work on yourself, try - and your life has gradually come into harmony.