Inga Goncharova represent Russia at the Super Model Universe 2014

the competition «Super Model Universe», the final of which will take place November 9 in the capital of Bulgaria, Russia will introduce a model radio broadcaster and founder of the charity fund "World of Good" Inga Goncharova.Also, she is known to many as the national director of two international competitions, "Mrs Universe" and "Mrs. Europe".

contest «Super Model Universe» organized this year for the first time to participate in it invited more than 30 models from around the world are actively engaged in social activities.Girls gather in Sofia for a few days.The program review - a conference on social activities and charitable projects, as well as fashion shows of famous brands.

«I was invited to take part in the competition Super Model Universe 2014 - says Inga.- It's a new contest, which this year will conduct the creators of the famous competition "Mrs Universe" and "Mrs. Europe".I'm always open to cooperation with this team in these competitions pronounced social orientation, the organizers seek to attract the attention of not only the beauty, but also to important social issues, which I think is very correct!I dedicate my participation fundraising ward of our Foundation Khalid, as the operation for the boy is urgent. "

Inga Goncharova claims that work from the competition and its participation is not personal ambitions, but a necessary part of the activities that will attract attention to the charity as a whole and the Fund "World of Good" in particular.

Another motive with beauty contests - to change the perceptions of beauty: "I am very pleased that we can change attitudes and influence to ensure that the beauty and the winner of such contests were associated not only and not so much with model looks, and acharity, good works, and an open heart.Success in the competition "Mrs Universe" Catherine Plotka clear evidence. "

as National Director Mrs Universe contest Inga Goncharova was nominated to the international competition "Mrs Universe 2014" Russian woman and the founding fund «RED NOSE» Catherine Plotka who returned home the prize winner of the title of vice Mrs Universe 2014 in order to participate in the competition"Mrs. Europe 2014" Goncharova was nominated Christine Rushkovskaya, but its participation has been postponed to next year due to personal circumstances.

little about Inge

Inga Goncharova Goncharova model and radio host, founder of the charity fund "World of Good."The Foundation is engaged in orphanages, children with disorders of the central nervous system, and also implements support programs for graduates of orphanages assistance in setting up life, education and employment.

as a model in this year Inga Goncharova became the face of the advertising company special collection of clothes and accessories "for caring ZARINA & amp;Renata Litvinova, "created by famous Russian brand in the creative union with actress and director Renata Litvinova.Part of the proceeds from the sale of this line will go to charity.Inga is also the face of cosmetics brand genuine Arab "Zeitoun."

From September this year Inga Goncharova is the lead author's radio show "Istria success" on the Moscow radio station Megapolis FM 89,5.