The educational process.

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Axiological foundations of pedagogy derived from the direction of the philosophy of values ​​- "axiology."Experts note that the "value-look" at reality established in science thoroughly enough and wide.In this regard, it is often considered virtually dominant direction in the matter of research projects in the humanities teaching.This is because in real existence and nature values ​​are presented as specific prism refracted through which one or more social and psychological phenomenon.In this regard, the axiological approach in pedagogy allows quite accurately identify the functional orientation, the importance of various social phenomena.

application of this method to the study of educational phenomena and processes, thus, is quite natural.As modern scholars believe and practice the values ​​determined by the nature of education and training, including human.

Aksiologichesky approach introduced in the educational process without imposition and pressure.This is achieved by the introduction of a variety of value orientations in the structure of the spiritual and pragmatic relation of man to himself, nature, other people.In this case, the teacher does not just apply axiological approach as a kind of "presentation" of values, and creates the conditions for them to understand, along with the students.

the value is considered to be internal, development on the emotional level of the subject benchmark its own activities.Aksiologichesky meaningful approach caused both historically and socially.In the development of ethnic groups in general and man in particular, there have been changes in people's attitude to the reality around them, to themselves, others, to his work as a necessary self-acceptance.At the same time we are changing the direction of relationships that determines the value of the social consciousness.Value priorities clear link with the person, the meaning of his whole life and activity that occur in a certain ethnic and cultural context.For example, in ancient times it was considered priority values ​​beauty, harmony, truth.With the advent of the Renaissance in the system began to dominate concepts such as good, freedom, happiness, humanism.There are specific values.For example, the famous "triad" of public consciousness in pre-revolutionary Russia: the people, the Orthodox monarchy.

modern society priorities include such values ​​as work, life, family, team, people, homeland.Current modeling axiological approach possible on the basis of "mezhtsennostnyh" relations.In today's world often manifests the value derived from the advanced semantic structures - social mobility.Since its formation some experts pin their hopes on the exit from the crisis of society.At the same time teachers pay attention to the specifics of universal and national values.