Man must learn to love yourself and believe in yourself, do not live in the past and act

I am strong and I am able to be herself, she came up with, and so she decided, I'm strong and I can do all the guys I'm not just cool, I'm strong and I love so strong and love able, I'm strong andI can find my way on to whom I will go ...

In every life sometimes there are moments when I want to give up, give up and hide in a corner of despair ... and that's OK, we are all humans and we tend to be weak and isnot the worst sense of self.As for me, so much worse when the person does not want and does not do anything to get out of this abyss, called "hopelessness."But everything is much easier than you can imagine.Just need to believe in yourself, because who, if not you?Parents, friends - it's all good, but above all, it is you have to believe in yourself!And for that you need to love yourself, yes, with all its shortcomings, avoiding negative thoughts and start to do something ...

Man - this versatile substance, because God made each of us unique and individual, and you are not even imagineyou can, what you can do.

After all, not everyone knows from an early age his calling in life.But over time, it comes and most importantly do not hesitate and act in the right direction - and that's what you feel that you think will give you a sense of freedom, self-satisfaction and vitality.Objectively assess their strength, and most importantly the desire to move in this line, we reach a certain point, from which is a start, so to speak, "point-to-start."

It does not matter how old you are, no matter you study or work, it does not matter, your marital status, one simply has to experience once inside yourself and follow the call of the heart.And if this is true, then you are unlikely to regret something about it!

Life is given once and live it must adequately about anything, do not regret and condemn yourself!

the past, and the past is that it is in the past !!!And if one day you decided to get away from the man forever, do not come back to it ever !!!

past, present and future - that is the question of where and how to live?

past - everyone is their own and everyone decides for himself how to take and how to treat it!For myself, I have long realized that the past does not erase the memory, but it was impossible to live.The past - a sort of a certain experience, memories and something from which we can make a life lesson for myself.But people tend to learn from their mistakes and including!Stepping on the same rake, equivalent to like wearing torn socks, knowing that a hole in it and it is not good.

It opened a new door you can not, without closing the door on the lock of the past.And we are talking not only about the relationship is much deeper past - it may be your bad habits with which you want to say goodbye, and your job, that does not give you the desired satisfaction, examples are an infinite number, it is important that youI realize that you are ready and want to leave in the past, starting with a clean slate.

present - that's who you are today, and where you currently live in time, in what mood you get up in the morning and what do you think before going to bed.This - this is here and now.There is no place for the past!It's how you feel, your attitude, and if it is identical with concepts such as comfort, enjoyment, pleasure, joy, commitment, communication, development, progress, motion, you're on the right track.If you feel that way, then you are living, thriving, and not just exist - is no happiness !?

future - you build it yourself!Karma, destiny - it is just a program, and any program that may crack and edit, this is a consequence of our actions, but that everyone is able to change and influence the future.

dreams - that's fine, but you need to know how to formulate them in your mind, because thoughts tend to materialize and bad as well.

My advice is to live the present, believe in a brighter future and remember the past, are not returning to it !!!