Construction markets in Moscow and the Moscow region: an overview of the largest marketplaces

Housing in large cities has always been and will be in demand, despite the high prices.Some people prefer to buy second homes, since it is more accessible and is located in an area with developed infrastructure.But the apartments in new buildings greater demand, as they always are larger.Yes, and advanced materials and technologies that are used in the construction provide the highest comfort, safety and reliability.

Demand creates supply

According to real estate agencies in the white-stone capital of Russia there is a real boom in housing buildings.For example, real estate agency in Moscow "Rizol", which operates in the market for two decades, regularly updates its database such apartments.And because there is considerable demand for housing, the developers also do not remain without work.Thrive and sellers of building materials, construction markets are always crowded Moscow.

markets in the capital

construction market in Moscow presented several major institutions.The largest of these is the "Kashira yard-1", where there is absolutely any goods for the construction or repair at good prices.Also on the territory you can buy the tools to order different services.Located at the intersection of Market and Kashira Highway Kolomna travel.

the street Kirovograd, 13 (metro station of Prague) is conveniently located "Karenfor."The market of building materials, tools and equipment is popular thanks to its comfort.After all, shopping arcades are located just at the exit of the subway.

Worthy of attention are the construction markets of Moscow as:

  • "Windmill" (41 km of the Moscow Ring Road);
  • Aqua-Viva (specialization - plastic products and metal structures);
  • "Abramtsevo" (Metro Shchelkovskaya).

buy the right products can be in stores "all for repair", "Dmitrov yard."

Where stint in the suburbs?

construction market in Moscow and the region - the place is very visited.A lot of them, so each person chooses the one that better, or the one where prices are lower.If it is not necessary to go to the main metropolis of the country, you can skimp in the area.For example, most of the clientele are supermarkets "Agra" and "Agos" in Odintsovo, Nakhabino market works "Housing" in Malakhin - "Yegor," and in the village Vatutinki - trading platform "Cedar".

worth noting that almost all the construction markets of Moscow and the Moscow region, in addition to sale, offer quality consultancy, delivery and service of loaders.In short, everything you can dream client.