The character - is the basis of personality

Character - this system is relatively constant mental characteristics of the individual that determine behavior in different life circumstances, and the interaction with society.It is directly linked to the temperament of the individual and others.Temperament determines the shape of the external manifestations of nature.The formation of the latter quite strongly influenced by social conditions that shaped the identity of the person, which is why people who were raised in similar conditions, the same as many of its features.

character - is a fundamental part of which directly affects the way a person behaves in relation to the current situation in the first place - how he reacts to stressful situations arise.Experts distinguish several groups of traits that determine how a person reacts to circumstances and expresses his personality.

The first group includes those features that show the relationship of the individual to the collective, to society and to others.They are ranked as communicative, respectful of others, compassion and sensitivity;opposite traits - isolation, contempt for the people around.

second group decided to attribute those traits that express man's relationship to the business and labor.For example, integrity and responsibility to the business, or passivity and laziness.

third group of traits shows how a person relates to himself.

Last, the fourth group, characterizes the relation of man to things (as far as it is neat or messy, carefully or carelessly suited to your belongings).

Character - it is a stable system.It is formed usually in childhood or adolescence.However, the changing nature of possible throughout the life of the person, if desired, or in connection with the new prevailing circumstances, to which the individual has to adapt.Note, however, that individual character flaws can not be overcome, as it is impossible to raise the positive qualities, if you ignore the core, the central relationship of the individual to work and staff.It is not possible to form only one single, separately taken property.In order to change the character, it is necessary to develop the entire system of interconnected characteristics, with special attention should be paid to the formation of rod relations person.

character - is the foundation of happiness and well-being of each person.Its establishment should think as soon as possible.The nature of the child is based on the conditions and representations, in which it is to reach adulthood, so the more the future of a single person depend on social conditions and views, in which it is brought.It should be remembered that the properties of the character of each individual depends to a greater degree by hereditary factors and the social environment and the conditions under which the identity was formed.