Ukrainian symbols: Picture, meaning and origin.

Today we will try to tell you about the state symbols of Ukraine.It is a country with an interesting and unique history, and Ukrainian symbolism has its roots in antiquity.As you will learn below, some signs have been known since the early Middle Ages.

We will try to trace the history of the formation of each of the national symbols, completing the sections describing the attributes of modern state.You will also learn about the symbols of the President of Ukraine.

State symbols

Constitution of Ukraine legally defines the following state symbols of Ukraine: state flag, national anthem and national emblem.

All these attributes have been taken, according to the decision of the Verkhovna Rada in January - February 1992.Only the final text of the anthem was adopted in March 2003.

Below we will consider in greater detail Ukrainian symbolism.Photos of various government signs will be given in the relevant sections.

Provenance Emblem

oldest symbol of Ukraine (trident) is first mentioned on the seals of the kind of Rurik princes.But there existed a variety of versions dvuzubtsev and tridents.Each new prince tried to make their own changes to the symbol.The most similar version of the sign is a seal of Vladimir the Great.

How is it that did this picture?The researchers offer us two versions.The first is that it is a slightly modified bidentate sign Khazar Khanate, which is in a large number of coins and vessels.

second option is more plausible.Based on the fact that Rurik came to Russia from Scandinavia, in his squad, many wearing protective sign "Hammer of Thor."Later, he turned into a stylized hawk that swoops down, attacking prey.

It is this version, and is now the most historical.There is, however, another option.Some researchers see the connection fork trident, an anchor and a scepter.There is even reading the encrypted word "will" in whorls that mark.

Thus, the indisputable fact is only that this symbol is the eighth-tenth century.

Once disintegrated Kievan Rus, a few centuries, and this symbol disappears.In Daniel Galitsky in the print depicts a crowned lion, and in the Zaporozhye army has been the hallmark of a Cossack with a musket.

in the process of accession of some land to Muscovy, the whole symbolism replaced by double-headed eagle.

Return to trident occurs only during the Ukrainian People's Republic.Then he replaced the golden lion and a Cossack on a blue background in the Ukrainian State with a hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union.

trident final recovery occurred only in 1992.But this will be discussed further.

modern arms

first national symbol of Ukraine, which we began to talk, it's coat of arms.Earlier, we looked at a brief history of its formation.In the modern state, in theory, this is a symbol of the Greater and Lesser coat of arms.But in fact, there is only the latest.Big coat of arms is still at the stage of the bill.

Based on the text, it must be located a trident as a symbol of Vladimir the Great, a Cossack with a musket (Zaporozhye army) and a lion with a crown (a sign of Galicia-Volyn state).

Small coat of arms was approved in February 1992 by the decree of the Verkhovna Rada.It represented a sign of Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev, who baptized Rus in 988.

There are official color and black-and-white version of the Small coat of arms, separately mark Prince Vladimir and detailed scheme of the emblem.

Flags in different periods of history

As we have seen, the national symbols of Ukraine varied in different periods of history.It was not an exception flag.That colors that adorns panel today was readmitted only after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1992.What happened before that?

Lviv banner (yellow lion on an azure background) became the first documented evidence of such colors.This event belongs to the distant 1410, when the Battle of Grunwald took place.

Hetman's 1755-64 had banners with the same colors.The first actual use of two horizontal bands became the flag of the Black Sea Cossack Army, which it has awarded Alexander I.

In 1848, these colors uses Lviv Home Russian happy during the revolution in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Further, this Ukrainian color symbolism was used in 1918 in the UPR and the Ukrainian power.

During the Soviet Union the main color was red, but before 1941 Carpathian Ruthenia was blue and yellow flag.

modern national flag

So, the national symbol of Ukraine, we are talking about now is a flag.Earlier we looked at the various stages of its development.

Now it is important to make a point about its exact colors.It is only defined in the program Pantone Matching System.There is yellow color shade corresponds with the code «Pantone Coated Yellow 012 C», and the blue - «Pantone Coated 2935 C».

If you do not know the specifics of this, the flags of several cities and regions may seem an exact copy.Among them are cities like Bieberbach an der Riss, Chemnitz Gryfów Slaska, Herrera region, Lower Austria, and others.Also, a similar flag was until 1918 in the Duchy of Braunschweig.

official version deciphering colors - blue sky over yellow wheat field.

history writing anthem

State symbols of Ukraine includes also the national anthem.The story of his writing has its roots in 1862.Then the Ukrainian poet and folklorist Chubynsky wrote the famous poem "Has Not Yet Perished Ukraine".

According to eyewitnesses, writing influenced especially Serbian national song.Although detailed consideration of Ukrainian national anthem is very much like the Polish "March of Dombrowski."

Chubinskogo poem first published in 1863 in the same journal Lviv.Over time, it becomes very popular in Western Ukraine.It was during this time he became interested in Verbitsky, who first performed this song in Przemysl.

from 1917 to 1939 and the song was used as the national anthem.In Soviet times, when the national Ukrainian symbolism is not very welcomed, it had a different composition to the words Tychyna, and in 1992 restored the old anthem.

Similar songs of other nations

As you have seen, the symbolism of Ukraine is often similar to the attributes of other nations.Let's give a few examples.

Ukrainian national anthem reminiscent of the anthem of Poland «Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła», written after the "March of Dombrowski."The song was similar and the Croatian Illyrian Movement - «Još Hrvatska ni propala».

All these compositions are united by one idea - a popular movement in the struggle for independence.

National symbols Ukrainian President

State symbols of Ukraine also includes symbols of the head of state.These include the official stamp, standard, sign and mace.Let's talk more about each of them.

presidential standard is a blue cloth in the center of which the symbol of Ukraine - trident.The cloth is made in the shape of a square with gold trim or fringe and.The handle his wooden and pommel - a ball made of onyx.

Until 1999 it was the only symbol of the power of the president.But then the shaft was done in a very ornate and elaborate, and the web was simple.Today, the fabric is sewn on special equipment.On one side it is made more than a million stitches and thread of pure yellow gold.Trident, in view of the lining used, the amount received.

A similar technique was used to create the flags of Britain, France and the United States.

What a Ukrainian head of state symbols without the traditional hetman mace?This badge is made of gilded silver and decorated with special ornaments and precious stones.

handle print adorned with lapis lazuli and resembles a picture of our planet from space.The seal depicts a small coat of arms and the inscription "The president of Ukraine."

sign the president is shaped sash chain with 6 medallions.

Thus, in this article we are introduced to the Ukrainian state symbols.