Outlet "Serravalle".

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Today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of shopping trips to the Outlets in Milan and the surrounding area.Let us find out how to get the best and what you should pay attention.In order for you to be able to effectively spend time shopping in advance and to have full information about all the nuances of such a trip, your attention will be given to this article.

What Outlets?Their variety

to immediately explain to those who have not experienced this, outlet - a special kind of shopping center that specializes in selling well-known brands at great discount prices.

In shops and factories of manufacturers over time accumulate unsold goods, which comes in a regular outlet centers.There he sold with huge discounts (up to 70%), so that any buyer has a chance to buy clothes famous fashion designer, paying for it is quite inexpensive.

Depending on what kind of products are sold shops, they are divided into two types: outlet-factory or outlet-mel.The first deposit of the goods sold, the accumulated in the factories of manufacturers, and secondly - unsold goods from boutiques and brand shops.

Milan outlet "Serravalle"

famous throughout Europe shopping center "Serravalle" is located 108 km from Milan, according to the board at Genoa, in the village of the same name.

This area shopping stretches 32 000 m².It is a kind of town with a central square, adorned with a fountain, and diverging from her numerous streets paved.The pretty houses, made in Ligurian style and decorated with ornamental plants, and housing shops most famous brands.

A total of more than 180, not counting all sorts of cafes, restaurants and bars, playgrounds and parking for 3,000 cars.

Serravalle Outlet (Serravale Scrivia) is the largest in Europe.Project developers once considered the fact that Milan is a huge number of brands of underwear and clothing, and that is the biggest outlet is wise to build in the area.

Features outlets

Typically, outlet shopping in Milan and its suburbs are collections of past seasons with the already mentioned discounts that range from 30 to 70%.And during the summer and winter sales to the existing discount in outlet is added and fifty percent discount rasprodazhnaya.So luxury items, as you can see, there can be purchased at very attractive prices!

True, Outlet features include the fact that predict what range you will be presented, it is impossible.By the same features, disadvantages are serious limitations in the choice of sizes.The Milan store preference is given to a larger size.So your share will in most cases only 40 or 42.

As you can see, your shopping will remind most likely hunt, where an important role to play and elementary luck.But in this, and you will find a kind of excitement that can not be obtained simply by strolling through the stately boutique.

Spirit democracy inherent outlet

Not just the excitement and the possibility of acquiring supertovarov attract visitors in outlet "Serravalle" or other Milan shops of this type.They are like the many, and the spirit of democracy, which will not find in boutiques.

Many of us simply do not dare to enter, for example, in a boutique "Brioni", just to try on a suit.Only one kind of important, appreciate you from head to toe is able to scare sellers and desire to deprive the ordinary buyer to measure clothing.But in these suits can be outlet shopping and felt, and examples, but at least sniff - you no one will look askance!But what choice of brands, "Dolce Gabbana", "Gucci", "Calvin Klein", "Versace" and other offering and shoes, and luxury perfumes, and accessories, and cosmetics.Eyes run!

more about the features of outlets

any special day to update the assortment of outlet stores "Serravalle" or others like it, does not exist.In each of these goods are imported little, about once every three days.Some - more, some - less.The range, among other things, depends not only on the brand, but also on what the demand for its products there.For example, tourists from Russia has consistently sweep clothing brand "Hugo Boss", which entails the in-store appearance of a new product, the truth is no discount for so-called "fresh income" Outlets can sell without discounts even during the sales.

maximum amount of goods and, accordingly, its best choice is achieved in the beginning of the season sales, and least of all it is the third week after the opening of the season.

"Serravalle" - Outlet: how to get there is not very expensive?

For those who gets to train Outlet "Milan-Genoa", you must get off at Arquata Scrivia.But we want to warn that the trains go very rarely, and the station can be permanently stuck.

bus from Milan to Outlet goes 2 times a day at 10.00 and 11.00 Foro Bonaparte.And in the opposite direction are three flights: at 17.00, 19.00 and 20.00.For adults, this trip will cost 25 euros, and for children over four years - 10 euros.But all who were traveling with you on the bus - it's future visitors outlets, which means you can not help yourself in the most influx, because both come here several buses.

perfectly acceptable taxi ride.It is usually 170 euros one way.But if you are thinking of the four of us, that such costs will justify itself.

There are firms providing services to transfer Outlet.Their value is, of course, more expensive than a trip on the bus, but also cheaper taxi.

benefits of a trip to the outlet on the machine

By car ride best.It should only remember before going to outlet "Serravalle" Address: Via della Moda, 1, 15069 Serravalle Scrivia AL.

cost of renting a car is directly dependent on the number of paid days.The longer the lease, the cheaper it costs in one day.Hire a car for that period will cost you 60 euros.But if you will go in the company of 4-5 people, the cost of the trip will be almost like a bus.Especially under these circumstances, you can spend the whole day in the Outlet.

By car in the shopping center can be reached on the motorway A7 "Milan-Genoa".Do not miss the exit Serravalle Scrivia!In addition, it is worth recalling that the need to take with you navigator as road junctions around Milan quite complex.

reviews outlet shopping

How to tell the fans of shopping, visited the Outlets in Milan and its suburbs, prices, such as those represented in the stores, in Moscow did not see!And why should elicit, for example, outlet "Serravalle" feedback if you can next to him and watch this scene: young parents, pulling her child out of the carriage, trying to cram it all dialed in for a day of shopping? ..

But around Milanoutlets still underway with roars of discussion.Some assert that these stores - it's just a dump that is not bought, even during sales, and thus nothing worth attention, there can not be.Besides, they say, there are many goods defects received between hover and fittings in the boutique.

But their opponents have confirmed again and again that a more exciting game, in which you can get an interesting thing, but still at a low price, do not find.Who is right, you decide!

So whether or not to shop at the outlet?

Finally we can say is that a trip to the outlet "Serravalle" or any outlet Milan will not leave you indifferent.At sufficiently attentive and patient to view the product you are sure to find yourself the owner of something special.These stores provide for practical and loving stylishly dressed people excellent opportunities.And not for nothing that every year they are becoming more popular.